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Why would an angel pair stop breeding?

posted by Russ in Freshwater Fish Breeding

I have a pair of angelfish that grew up from juveniles and over a year ago they paired up. The laid and fertilized eggs twice but did not succeed in raising them. They got some through to free-swimming but then I think they ate them. Not so unusual, I think, for a new pair. But then they stopped any breeding behavior and it's been that way for about a year now. I would have expected them to give it a few more goes?

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TFAdmin - 5 years ago
Have you checked your water parameters?

One way I used to get my Discus, distant cousins of Angelfish, to breed was to first feed them heavily with live food like black worms or frozen bloodworms, cleaning up anything that was not eaten. After a a week of heavy feeding, I would do a water change, about 30% to 50% with aerated RO water that was softer, acidic and slightly cooler than the current tank temperature, doing this routine usually got my Discus spawning...

Martinsx - 5 years ago
I think that the environmental situation of the fish pond or fish tank is causing them to stop breeding. Some of the fishes might be suffering from one health problem or another which most likely will be casing them not to breed. I would suggest that you should check them out very well and determine where the problem is coming from. Also make sure to feed them well and properly and try cleaning out any dirt and debris from the pond.
wallet - 5 years ago
I guess you have too many fish in your fish tank and your angelfish pair feel stressed and they will not pair anymore if they are agitated and their color changed this may be the problem.
Jomjom - 5 years ago
Yeah. I guessed that your the place is too crowded for them and it caused stress to your fish. I might as well suggest that you observe the situation. You can experimentally separate those pairs and see if that works. Fishes are in general, become stressful in a crowded environment, especially angelfish.One thing also, is to avoid any disturbance when it comes to breeding season.

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