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How often do you change your fish pond water?

posted by Martinsx in Freshwater Fish
Fishes do very well in clean water than dirty water because the clean water contains a good amount of oxygen that keeps the fish healthy.

If you can change your pond water every day, it's definitely going to be a good thing for the fishes but if you can't, changing it at least 3 times in a week would be appropriate.
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What's the best catfish to breed?

posted by Martinsx in Freshwater Fish
I heard that there are so many varieties of catfish which one can choose from to breed.

I would like to know the best species that grows fast and big, which are also with high resistance against infections.
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New Member Alert

posted by Martinsx in Welcome
Good day Administrator and Everyone.

I'm Martins and it's such a wonderful feeling to be a part of this community. I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time participating in all the activities and discussions about fish that would be brought up in the forum.

I love fishes quite well and fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. To seat down and stare across the calm water waiting for a catch is so relaxing and serves as a good time for reflection.