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Hi from Russ

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Hi I am Russ. I keep freshwater tanks and a pond--peaceful community fish like giant danios, tetras, and killifish-- and goldfish in the pond. I hope the ability to edit profiles is added soon so I can put up a picture avatar. Maybe not of me... my fish are prettier.
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Betta fish

posted by Russ in Freshwater Fish
Does anyone else here have betta fish? I have Groo who lives in a 20g tank with a few tetras and yoyo loaches. Some fish keepers look down on bettas but I think they are some of the most interested fish not only in looks but also their inquisitive and active behavior. They only thing I don;t like is fish with excessively large fins so they can't move around properly.
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Why would an angel pair stop breeding?

posted by Russ in Freshwater Fish Breeding
I have a pair of angelfish that grew up from juveniles and over a year ago they paired up. The laid and fertilized eggs twice but did not succeed in raising them. They got some through to free-swimming but then I think they ate them. Not so unusual, I think, for a new pair. But then they stopped any breeding behavior and it's been that way for about a year now. I would have expected them to give it a few more goes?
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Angelfish tail spots

posted by Russ in Freshwater Fish Disease & Treatment
Just one of my angelfish has always had these spots on her tail. They have been there almost a year with no other signs of problems with her or the others. However it just looks to me like some kind of parasite situation. I can't find anything that is a good match for this and would be very interested on your opinions.