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Need help

posted by MyDiscus in Freshwater Fish

First let me start off with I'm in cycling right now it's been two weeks now . I use Fritz 700 turbo start to add beneficial bacteria to my 55 gallon aquarium I added my fish in a week later they were doing good eating and everything . All of suddenly started rubbing them self against the plants and changing to a darker color. I'm assuming they the ick or some kind of parasite I haven't been seeing any white poop even though they're eating slowly now. What should I do I don't wanna lose any fish please help. Ok here's my water parameter level , my tds is 97 I have 20 ppm Nitrate 0.5 nitrite and water hardness is 25 ppm 0 chlorine and alkalinity is 40 ppm and my ph is 6.8 and my ammonia is 1 ppm. The only medicine I have at hand right now are imagitarium parasite remedy Tetra easy balance and Tetra aquasafe Plus ,please tell me what I need to do

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