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Why the Fluval 407 Canister Filter is the perfect addition for your aquarium!

If you’re an aquarium owner, you surely feel the pain of trying to clean your aquarium water and doing this day in and out. If only you could have a spotless tank and simply enjoy your aquarium in all it’s glory without having to worry about keeping it clean. Well, thankfully for you, filters exist for this very reason. Also, there’s nothing quite as good and efficient as a canister filter to help your tank stay much cleaner for much longer.

Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter

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Fluval 407 Canister Filter Features:

There are many amazing features of this canister filter, which make it one of the best in the market. + It has an extremely powerful motor which generates a constant pump with power and pressure which will endure over an extended period of time

  • The pump has been re-engineered to have 25% less noise than the previous model
  • It is so energy-efficient that it uses only as much energy as an LED light bulb
  • It has a redesigned primer which has a larger handle which is easy to grip and can provide easy and fast start-up
  • It has a pre-filter cartridge which is vertical and can provide an independent access which gives bigger surface area and also better mechanical filtration
  • The Fluval eTEC displays innovative design with the best materials and manufacturing backing it. + This provides a powerful pump with visibly reduced energy consumption and also a quiet operation.
  • The filter also has a large rubber feet stabilizers which can offer a much better dampening of vibrations and gives more protection
  • The Aqua Stop valves have a raised lip which gives a smooth operation
  • The Lift-Lock also gives a smooth system of release and attachment
  • With the use of just one finger, EZ-Lift media baskets make the media stack easily removable.

Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter

The Fluval 407 Canister Filter will give you crystal clear waters with very little, if any effort on your part.

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What’s in the Fluval 407 Canister Filter Box:

  • Quick-Clear
  • Media basket cover
  • Intake strainer
  • Bio-Foam+
  • Ribbed hosing
  • Output nozzle
  • Rim connectors
  • Intake tube
  • Suction cup (30 mm)
  • Intake Stem with intake strainer
  • Pre-Filter basket
  • Bio-Foam
  • 70g carbon
  • Media basket
  • Bio-Foam Max
  • Aqua Stop valve 2 rubber hose connectors
  • Media basket handle

Fluval 407 Canister Filter FAQs:

Here are some most commonly asked questions on the Fluval 407 Canister Filter that are asked by fish keepers who have purchased the Fluval 407 and those interested in buying the Fluval 407.

Why is the canister filter giving off bursts of air bubbles on my tank?

For freshwater, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance to prevent the media from compacting because this results in air accumulation. You also have to make sure the inlet rubber hose connector attached to the siphon tube has not become hard, which would need replacement.

For saltwater, it is possible that the filter has taken the air bubbles in through protein skimmers introduced to the tank. You have to ensure a bubble trap at the output of the skimmer to prevent such a thing.

What should be done to prevent the smaller and baby fishes from being pulled into the filter?

To prevent this, you should make an incision in the middle of the coarse, and then open the cell foam filter block and the siphon tube strainer inserted into it. This should be rinsed about every 2 weeks.

Why did I find a fish stuck inside the intake of the filter? Does this mean the flow is too strong?

Don’t be concerned with the filter being too powerful for any healthy fish. Fishes in the natural world actually swim in much stronger currents. Thus, if a fish got stuck in the intake, this is likely because the fish could have been sick already. Just keep in mind to adapt the strength of the filter to suit a specific fish species.

How can I remove the surface film off the aquarium water?

Surface film usually occurs due to smoke from cooking, accumulation of dust, skin oils and also fish food that contain fat. Thus, a surface skimmer can be attached to the inlet of the filter to remedy this problem.

The canister is not restarting after cleaning it. Why?

You should check the impeller and its shaft and make sure they are not damaged and needs replacement. It could also be dirty and need cleaning. Check that the impeller cover has been attached correctly.

Why is there a decreased performance on the canister filter?

Possibly there could be an increased load on the filter. This usually happens when there is increase growth of fishes, introduction of new fishes, or there is increased waste production. Also check if the filter media is clogged which would need replacement.

Final Thoughts on the Fluval 407 Canister Filter...

While looking for the best canister filter that suits your aquarium needs, there are many options available now. The Fluval 407 canister filter is created by one of the largest and most trusted brands in the fish keeping hobby and trusted by years of experience with filter technology. The Fluval 407 contains the eTEC system that ensures more power, energy efficiency, quietness and easy maintenance. It makes an ideal choice and will provide the easy and smooth experience that you have been looking for.

Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter

The Fluval 407 Canister Filter will give you crystal clear waters with very little, if any effort on your part.

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Best Fifty Five Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Stands

Let’s talk facts: an aquarium of 55 gallons is rather significant, and when you fill it, it can weigh up to 625lbs. Water weights in at 8lbs. per gallon of water, so it adds up when you have a big tank.

This means that you need to make sure that you’re placing it somewhere sturdy. The best choice for this, of course, would be a 48 inch plus stand, preferably a sturdy, strong one that could compliment your aquarium as well as hold it. You could waste a lot of time trying to find the best choice for your large aquarium, or you could check some of the picks we have made below. Always check manufacturers specification before buying to make sure the stand will be able to hold the weight of your fish tank once it is full.

Sauder 55 Gallon Jamocha Wood Aquarium Stand Aquatic Fundementals 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand Classic Scroll 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand
Our Pick
Sauder 416443 Select Aquarium Stand 48 x 12  3340 Long 55 Gallon Jamocha Wood Finish Buy From Amazon
Aquatic Fundamentals 16551 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand Black Buy From Amazon Aquatic Fundamentals AMZ102551 Aquarium Stand 55 Gallon Black Buy From Amazon
Elegant metal accents, adjustable shelves and water resistant top.Sleek black finish, wide opening cabinet doors, minimalist design.Classic design, metal material, powder coated water and rust reistance.
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Sauder 55 Gallon Jamocha Wood Finish Aquarium Stand

Something about that Jamocha wood finish that really sets this aquarium stand apart. If you are looking for a central focus peice to compliment your fisht tank, the Sauder 55 gallon aquarium stand with Jamocha wood finish is a great choice. Once assembled the dimension are W: 48.5" X D: 12.75" H: 28.0" enabling you to hold up to a 55 gallon tank with no worries. Sauder 416443 Select Aquarium Stand 48 x 12  3340 Long 55 Gallon Jamocha Wood Finish If you are looking for a solid classic looking aquarium stand that will give your room a sophisticated vibe, you will love this aquarium stand.

Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

A simple boarded stand with a black coated finish, thoroughly efficient and durable. Its dimensions are 49.37”W X 28” H X 13.12” D. It is a sturdy stand that can hold fifty-five gallon or lighter aquariums, acrylic or glass.

Aquatic Fundamentals 16551 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand Black It also comes with the cabinet’s ideal for storing aquarium equipment, and its flat surface is ideal for any and every type of aquariums. It also comes with cable space, so your aquarium cables are protected. However, it could be rather challenging to assemble, but apart from that, it's an excellent product considering its price.

55 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Shelf

Talk about stylish, steel legged particle board stand, and it comes with a dimension of 49.5”W X 27.87”H x 14.5”D. Ideal for glass or acrylic aquariums that are 55 gallons or less.

Aquatic Fundamentals Black Aquarium Stand with Shelf  for 55 Gallon Tanks 145 IN

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Designed and produced by Aquatic Fundamentals, the Aquarium Stand with Shelf, as the name suggests, has a fancier design, with the shelves and the stand itself being separated by metal bars. The open spaces create a great opportunity to fill it in with family pictures or home decor showpieces for all to gaze upon.

It is simple, easy to assemble and is designed to hold 55-gallon tanks, or lesser with no problem. Bottom shelves can be used as storage for aquarium equipment, among others. A genuinely well-rounded Product that compliments both style and efficiency for the buyers, and if you’re worried about stability, this stand is ideal for any sort of aquariums. It is also straightforward to assemble, and you could do it yourself too by using simple tools and a little help from a friend.

Classic Scroll Design and Powder Coated Finish 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Looking for something different? Classic looks with strong metal material used to create this elegant 55 gallon fish tank stand. Sometimes you may want something a bit more open and airy yet classic looking to fit into a specific room or style. The classic scroll design is a fantastic example of how to think of an aquarum stand differently.

Aquatic Fundamentals AMZ102551 Aquarium Stand 55 Gallon Black

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Once assembled the stand measures 48.3"L x 27.8"H x 12.5" W and will hold up to a 55 gallon aquarium fish tank. Because of the open design, double check the dimensions of your fish tank to make sure it will fit in securely. The metal is powder coated to resist water and be rust resistant. Several great reviews make this aquarium stand a top choice for someone who is looking for that classic look.

Final Thoughts...

When it comes to shopping for Furniture, one can be easily confused. You will end up being bombarded with choices and will still not know what's your next step so these were some few options you could start with before buying your 55 gallon stand.

Keep in mind to always check the dimensions of the stand against the dimensions of your fish tank to make sure that it will fit correctly without danger of tipping over. Never under any circumstances place a larger aquarium on a smaller stand, make sure that the manufacturer clearly states it can support the size of the aquarium you are planning to place on top of it.

Everyone has a different eye from style, so be bold and make the selection that speaks to you. The aquarium fish tanks stand can be a great highlight to your fish, drawing the viewers eye to countless hours of viewing pleasure.

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Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquarium Kits

Looking to get started with fish keeping but don't have a lot of space? A 5-gallon fish tank will provide the basic setup to start owning and keeping your favorite fish without taking up an entire wall or room in your home. Most 5 gallon fish tanks come with good filtration and lighting options now. This gives you the perfect deal while also helping you get started in keeping attractive pet fish.

Here are our picks for the best five-gallon fish tanks aquarium kits...

Marineland Portrait 5 Gallon Aquarium KitFluval Edge 6 Gallon Aquarium Kit Marina 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit
Our Pick
Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit 5Gallon w Hidden Filter Buy From Amazon
Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black Buy From Amazon Marina LED Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon Buy From Amazon
Tall tank, clear front and side views, built-in filtration and LED lights.Simple and zen like design, powerful filtration and LED lightsBasic 5 gallon aquarium fish tank with LED lights and HOB filter.
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Marineland Five-Gallon Portrait Aquarium Kit

This tank is built with a curved glass body. It features a uniquely framed glass overhead with sliding accessibility that makes way for easy feeding of food and cleaning purposes. Its size and appearance come ready for organizing a pleasing aquascape with driftwood and other aquatic essentials. It also comes with an assembled kit which is easy for set up. Maintenance is also easy due to it being on the smaller side.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit 5Gallon w Hidden Filter
The Marineland 5 gallon tank comes with the LED lights of both white and blue, LEDs that provide various effects such as shimmering or moonlight glow ( night time mode ). One extra feature is its in-built 3 stage filtration system that helps keep your water clean and polished. Your tank also comes with a flow adjustment for fish who like less water turbulence.


Tank: Five-gallon curved glass aquarium Dimensions: 11.8″ Length x 11.8″ Width x 16.8″ Height Lighting: An attached LED light with special lighting effects of daylight, moonlight, and off settings. Filtration: Back panel filtration that has adjustable water flow filter pump Cartridge: Marineland Bio-Foam filter pads and Rite-Size Z Cartridge.

Pros: The glass built body gives an attractive view. The adjustable flow of the filtration system. LED lights with different modes feature.

Cons: Hard to clean the inside back panel of the filter system.

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank

If you are a fish lover but has space constraint, then this tank is most suited for office desks, small corners and such. It comes with a unique full view enabled the feature. It also has a Hang-on-Back (HOBs) filter with a multi-stage filtration system. It comes attached with 21 LED bulbs with special lighting settings.

Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black

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Tank: Six-gallon glass view aquarium Dimensions: 17″ Width x 14.3″ Deep x 13.7″ Height Colors availability: In Black, Silver and White colors. Lighting : LED bulbs-21 nos : 7600K in 18 nos. white and deep blue bulbs in 3 nos. along with three switches. Filter: powered Fluval filter with Cycleguard

Pros: Appealing design. First-rate filtration System Impressive lighting system.

Cons: Open space availability is too small for gas exchange. Not suitable for Betta fishes.

Marina LED 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Ideally, fit for beginners, this is also one of the most preferred choices by most buyers. It comes with a Hang-On-Back (HOBs) filter with the necessary fitting kit in the packaging. Filter cartridges present in the tank provides a healthy environment for the fishes. Also, LED lights built in the canopy offers good lighting and enhances the beauty of the tank from all areas.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon

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Tank: Five-gallon good quality glass built an aquarium. Dimensions: 16″ Length x 8.5″Width x 10.5″ Height Filtration: Marina Slim S Ten attached filter holder and easy to replace filter cartridges. Lighting: LED light fixed in the canopy gives a natural lighting effect. Additives: Fish food, aquarium water conditioner, biological aquarium feeds, aquarium guide, and a fishing net.

Pros: Large space for gas exchange. Hang-on-backs (HOBs) filter produces lesser noise. Adjustable filter flow rate. Bright LED light suitable for plant growth.

Cons: Blue light (Night Mode) features not included in this kit.

Fluval Spec V - 5 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

Built-in powered and advanced filtration system and lighting, this tank is specifically designed for small spaces. Its powerful filtration pump located side of tank serves to provide the excellent water flow of water and maximizes the views of the tank. With these features, and trusted brand name Fluval, the Spec V is an easy top choice for a 5 gallon tank.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 5Gallon Black

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Tank: Five-gallon glass tank. Aluminum coated trim. Dimensions: 17.2″x 6.3″ x 10.6″( LWH) Lighting: Over-hanging 37 LED ligthing lamps.
Filter: Powerful inbuilt filtration system and circulation pump. Filter Media: Rectangular foam block, activated carbon filtration and Fluval BioMax bio rings.

Pros: Perfect edged dimension for countertops, desktop setups. Firm aluminum trims. LED lights useful for rapid plant growth. Powered with a Step -by- step filtering process. The multiway output flow of water.

Cons: Odd covering design.

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

Made uniquely with its curved glass corners offers great views of your fish for visitors and decor purposes at home. The lid has flexible hinges making it accessible for cleaning and setting up. It is equipped with an LED clip-on lamp with protective coverings. It also features an internal cascade water filter and adjustable output flow of water.

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit Filter LED Light Float Glass for Maximum Viewing 5 Gallon


Tank: Five-gallon glass tank with curved corners. Dimensions: 13.75″ Length x 8.75″ Width x 11″ Height Light: LED featured lighting Filtration: Internal filter of CIFI Cascade

Pros: Glass built with durability. Dimensionally accurate for fish keeping.

Cons: A small internal filter.

Tetra Crescent five- gallon acrylic aquarium kit

This kit is manufactured by World’s leading aquarium hobbyist company- Tetra® USA. It is an acrylic aquarium kit suitable for those who don’t prefer glass tanks. Its acrylic stylish look enlightens the whole mood of the room. It comes with a plastic lid in hinge style allowing setup to be easily achieved and maintenance also comes with no extra effort.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit Energy Efficient LEDs 5Gallon

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Tank: 5 -gallon acrylic aquarium with a seamless modern look
Dimensions: 16.6″ Length x 11.2″ Wide x 13.2″ Height Lighting: captivating LEDs with bright lighting Filtration: Packaged with Tetra Whisper® internal filter and cartridge.

Pros: Strong built acrylic tank. A compact design fit for small spaces.

Cons: Unclear lid top. Inefficient filter system.

GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit with Blue LED Lights

GloFish 5 gallon tank is a clear cut plastic aquarium kit perfectly well designed to keep GloFish species. Efficient filtration system and blue LED lights included in this kit make it all the more suitable for the GloFish. If you want something different, GloFish definitely will turn heads. Amazing value those who are looking for something a bit different.

GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED light 5Gallon

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Free Shipping Available


Tank: 5 gallon acrylic aquarium designed with a curved front and a plastic canopy. Dimensions: 15″ Wide x 9″ Deep x 14.5″ Height Lighting: Overhead LED light with a detachable feature. Filtration: Whisper Bio-Bag replacement cartridge and Whisper internal filtration.

Pros: Strongly built acrylic finish tank. Blue color LED light best suits fishes like GloFish. Portability of design for small corners.

Cons: Unclear lid top.

Koller Panaview aquarium kit with LED lighting
This tank comes with a strong built and firm acrylic material. It is designed with around edges and a flat back making it more durable than other tanks. It also features a black colored canopy lid with surrounding colorful LED lights. It includes a Superclean Ten power filter internally fixed that works with Bio-Chem Zorb Ten filter cartridge.

Koller Products Panaview 5 gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting  Power Filter  AP15005FFP

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Free Shipping Available


Tank: Five-gallon acrylic fish tank Dimensions: 14.2″ Length x 10″ Width x 11.5″ Height Light: Hood attached LED lighting with 7 variant colors. Filtration: Superclean Ten internally built aquarium power filter and cartridge.

Pros: Sleek attractive design. Clear acrylic makes way for unobstructed viewing. Easy handling and usage.

Cons: A very basic system, not sure this is a con, but nothing advanced here, just a basic 5 gallon tank.

Final Thoughts...

A great way for beginners to stock your newly bought fish tank with fishes, it is always advisable to start with a small number of fishes, thereafter you can keep adding over time. A five-gallon fish tank is best suited to house small fishes like cory catfish, male betta and so on. An important tip is to ensure proper water chemistry of water in the tank for the safety and healthy environment for your pet fishes.

Setting up a fish tank will require you to follow the given guidelines in the packaging. One should also make sure to gather all necessary equipment for the easy and safe installation of the aquarium. Essential list for setting up an aquarium:

  • Glass or acrylic fish tank with cover.
  • Aquarium stand or sometimes a table will do.
  • Proper LED lighting.
  • A good mixture of a planted substrate with gravel or sand.
  • Proper filter installed internal or external.
  • For tropical fish, an aquarium heater and thermometer.
  • For best and long-lasting results, quarterly or yearly replacement of filter media.
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Best Filters for 20 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank

Getting the best filters for 20-gallon aquariums can be tough with so many different types of filters available on the market. With so many options for your fish tank filters including canister, power, and interior filters, we will try to make it easier for you to choose the best filter for your 20 gallon tank.

For any beginners who are not familiar with the various kinds of fish tank filters, you can read through our reviews and guide below. And for any old hand who is experienced with the workings of fish tank filters and searching for the best cleaners for 20-gallon aquariums, the best choice should instantly pop out at you. This detailed review is intended to let you make the most informed decision, so let's not waste any more time and get to the filters.

Fluval 107 Perfomance Canister FilterFluval C2 Power FilterAqua Clear Fish Tank Filter 5 to 20 Gallons 110v
Our Pick
Fluval 107 Perfomance Canister Filter Buy From Amazon
Fluval C2 Power Filter Buy From Amazon Aqua Clear  Fish Tank Filter  5 to 20 Gallons  110v Buy From Amazon
Powerful canister filter, superior filtration, options for inline heater and you can hide it under you stand!Hang on back design, 5 stage filtration, filter cartridges.Simple design, hang on back, filter cartridges.
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Fluval 107 (external canister filter) 20-25 gallon aquariums

This filter is a suitable choice for hobbyist who prefers filtering their aquariums with this type of filters. This type of filter is costlier than the internal or power filters.
Fluval 107 Perfomance Canister Filter The canister filter can rate for tanks as large as 25 gallons, which makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for the best filters for 20-gallon aquariums.

Pros: Superior 3-stage filtration performance Large size filter Powerful and flexible flow rate, Impeller for noiseless operation, Ready-to-use priming by pushing the button on the lid, Low maintenance Can find replacements, Three-year warranty.

Cons: Need space under your fish tank stand.

Fluval C2 (power filter) 20-25 gallon tanks

Fluval C2 power filter is a first-rate power filter produced by the renowned brand, Hagen Fluval. It features almost all you require to start. It comes with activated carbon that provides efficient chemical filtration, C-nodes for increasing growth of good bacteria for biological filtration, as well as foam padding for mechanical filtration.

Fluval C2 Power Filter

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Free Shipping Available

The unique quality of the power filter is the five-stage filtration which keeps the water in your fish tank clean and provides a fresh atmosphere for your aquatic fish to survive.

The Filter Includes: Stage One and Two: Foam padding that mechanically eliminates wastes in the water. Stage Three: Activated carbon extracts minerals, strong smells and discolorations keeping the water super clean Stage Four: Bio-Screen provides biological filtration mode. Stage Five: C-Nodes offer an optimal living area for reliable nitrifying bacteria that process nitrogen pollutants in the water.

Pros: Five-stage filtration, Maintains the water Adjustable flow rate, Easy to use filter media, Easy installation and maintenance Quiet operation.

Cons: Smaller filtration capacity compared to other similar 20 gallon filters

AquaClear 20 (power filter) 20 gallon aquarium

The AquaClear 20 is a power filter and is our top choice of the best filters for 20-gallon aquariums. It comes with a higher media capacity as opposed to other similar aquarium filters that have the same tank volumes. The high filtration capacity makes the filter flexible and effortless to maintain the filter media. This feature makes the AquaClear 20 power filter popular and highly-rated on the marketplace. Besides, you can also select other filter elements to operate the filter even without using the materials from the industry.

Aqua Clear  Fish Tank Filter  5 to 20 Gallons  110v

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The Aqua Clear 20 also features filter elements such as the AquaClear foam, BioMax, and activated carbon. These materials are essential for use in installing an entire system with biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration. Equipped with the framework of all filtration system, the filter guarantees that the water passing through the filter is suitably clean and pure for the aquatic plants and fish to thrive in the aquarium.

The power filter comes with 100 GPH (gallons per hour) flow rate, which makes it sturdy enough to hold an aquarium with a capacity of 20 gallons for an extended time. It has a flexible flow rate, which can fit in different tank capacities and types of fish.

You can reduce the rate of the flow to about 50% without interrupting the efficient filtration system as it has a secured re-filtration method. The Aqua Clear 20 power filter is an ideal choice for the hobbyists who are looking to create a filtration system on their own.

Pros: It keeps and filters the water pure and clean Big sized tank to hold high filter media Flexible and easy to use filter materials Adjustable flow rate Low-maintenance cost Quiet operation Two-year warranty

Cons: Uses cartridges that require more frequent cleaning

Marina Slim S20 (Power Filter) 20 gallon fish tank

This is another high-rated power filter for 20 gallons aquariums and is suitable for both the beginners and old hands. It comes with a closed-back design for easy installation and can fit even in little spaces.

Marina S20 Power Filter

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The power filter also features the flexible flow control making it a perfect choice for the smaller capacity of 20 gallons. This power filter operates at a lower noise level without disrupting its filtration performance. It automatically starts on installation and begins filtering even without manual operation.

Marina S20 Power Filter The only downside of the Marina Slim S20 power filter is it has lesser filter capacity, and you will also need to purchase the cartridges to maintain it. Nevertheless, the filter material for biological filtration featured in the cartridges prevents harmful nitrogenous pollutant from degrading the aquatic lives in your aquarium.

Pros: Small design The high-quality filter keeps the water pure and clean Efficient biological filtration Adjustable flow rate Easy to install and maintain Quiet operation

Cons: Limited filter volume compared with AquaClear power filter Need to use the manufacturer’s cartridges High maintenance cost for purchasing cartridges.

Whisper (internal filter) 20 gallon fish tanks

The Whisper is an internal power filter that fits and runs in the interiors of the aquarium. Easy to mount and use, it is ideal for beginners. It includes the Bio-scrubber pad which provides excellent biological filtration and offers a 3-stage filtration system.

Whisper InTank Filter 20i with BioScrubber for 10  20 gallon aquariums 25817

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Free Shipping Available

The pad enables helpful bacteria to flourish in the aquarium. The Whisper biological-bag cartridge features an activated carbon that discharges waste particles, discolorations, odors, in the tank water.

Pros: It features the Dirt cheap The Bio-scrubber provides exceptional biological filtration Lower noise level Suitable for low-intensity water and turtle tanks

Cons: It can take ample space in the tank Fewer media capacity compared to canister and power filters Cannot adjust flow rate, Need to apply or use the manufacturer's cartridge

Penn Plax Cascade 500 (canister filter)

This is a tiny and small canister filter for tanks as big as 25 gallons capacity. It comes with a versatile filtration container to hold any filter materials you need. It also features filter media including bio-floss, activated carbon, bio-sponges, to offer all 3-stage filtration that thoroughly filters your fishbowl water.

Penn Plax Cascade 500 GPH Canister Filter

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Free Shipping Available

Pros: It is affordable Large volume for an exceptional performance of the three-filtration system Powerful and flexible flow rate, Ready and easy priming by pressing the switch on its top, Valves for controlling flow rate and easy to lift clamps for easy installation and maintenance.

Cons: Less durable compared with Fluval 07 model canister filters.

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Best 500 Watt Heaters for 100+ Gallon Aquarium Fish Tanks

Fish keeping hobby requires an ample amount of dedication, especially when it comes to maintaining aquariums. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that the temperature of water in the aquarium is balanced, apart from providing feed to the fish and cleaning the tank. And what happens when one requires a big aquarium requiring the water capacity to be more than 100 gallons? This is when it becomes a matter of concern because there are not many aquarium heaters available that can heat that much water while maintaining a steady temperature. Keeping this in mind, four of the finest 500-watt tank heaters are listed below.

JBJ External TitaniumFinnex External TitaniumISTA In-Line Heater
Our Pick
JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit for Aquariums 500watt Buy From Amazon
Finnex 500Watt HangOn Electronic Controller Aquarium Heater Titanium Tube 100 to 120Gallon Buy From Amazon ISTA IH616 500W Inline External Heater Buy From Amazon
Trusted brand, external controller, many featuresExternal controller, titanium tube, dial settingsIn-line heater, connects to canister filter, easy to use
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1. JBJ Titanium Accurate Temperature Heating Kit

The JBJ titanium temperature heater comes with a calibration setting system and +0.5 to -0.5°F temperature accuracy. This controller of this heater has its heating indicator and display made of LED. This way, one is aware of the heater's functioning as well as the temperature at the given time.

JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit for Aquariums 500watt

JBJ is a trusted brand and offers a fantastic titanium external heater, plenty of features and trusted brand!

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Free Shipping Available

This heater also comes with a memory chip that can remember and help reset the tank's temperature to the preceding set temperature in case of a power failure.

This heater features a durable heating element made of titanium along with a thermal shutoff valve to protect it from damage.

The heater's heating cylinder is contained in a protective heater guard, protecting the fish and the owner from its core heating element. For a quick and easy arrangement, it comes with an absorption cup.

This heater has a wattage of 500 watts with its temperature reading in Fahrenheit. It can be used for 100-160 gallon fish tanks and is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater uses.

2. Finnex Electric Controller Heater

The Finnex electric controller heater is unlike any other heater available in plenty for small fish tanks. It is ideal for large tanks that can store up to 100-120 gallon of water. It has a controller to manage the heat of the water, a heating cylinder which is submersible, along with a heater guard protector and high heat absorption cups.

Finnex 500Watt HangOn Electronic Controller Aquarium Heater Titanium Tube 100 to 120Gallon

With an external temperature controller and titanium submersible heater, makes this heater super easy to use and keep your hands out of the fish tank!

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Free Shipping Available

This heater controller goes outside the tank to control the heating cylinder which goes inside the tank. This distinctive design allows the controller to regulate the temperature of the water. In this way, it forbids one's hands from getting wet along with an added protection from electric shocks.

The maximum and minimum temperature of the Finnex heater is somewhere between +2 and -2 °F of the allotted temperature. This allows for the fish in the tank to survive in a safe water setting.

The Finnex heater's refined analog temperature controller comes with a semiconductor device (LED) that emits light, an indication that it is functioning.

The heating cylinder of the heater is a titanium-make, which allows for the heater to raise the temperature of the water at maximum speed. This cylinder is resistant to corrosion, is firm, entirely safe for freshwater and saltwater uses, and lasts longer than glass heaters.

The wattage of the Finnex electronic controller heater is 500 watts and with a temperature reading of 70-92 °F. It also comes with indicator lights on the temperature controller for power and heat. Other sizes of this product range from 100W, 150W, 200W to 300W.

3. ISTA In-Line External Aquarium Heater

The 500-watt ISTA in-line fish tank heater is easy to install and control the aquarium temperature. It also has advanced technological features for the safety of the user, along with precise temperature control settings.

ISTA IH616 500W Inline External Heater

Easy to read temperature display, connects to external canister filter hose, nothing goes in the tank!

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The design of this heater connects to an existing external canister filter hose line. This enables you to easily view and adjust temperature settings. The heater's controller shows the assigned temperature, and its lighting is an LED which assists in letting the owner know when it is turned on or turned off.

This heater, like all heaters, needs to be used carefully because its improper usage may cause the heater to malfunction. It comes with a manual guide to help in the installation, usage, and maintenance process. This heater comes with a wattage of 500 watts and its temperature reading is in Fahrenheit. It is ideal for 100-130 gallon aquariums, ideal for both saltwater and freshwater uses.

4. Finnex Digital Controller Heater with Titanium Deluxe Cylinder

The 500-watt Finnex digital controller heater comes with an audio notification system to help one monitor the temperature of the water. Its deluxe heat controller with an LED display helps maintain a stable and efficient heat transfer, shielding the fish in the tank from variations in temperature.

Finnex Digital Heater Controller with Deluxe 500watt Titanium Tube

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This digital heater makes use of technology to the maximum level. It is a programmable heater that allows one to set temperatures in advance in cases of power disruptions.

An additional characteristic of this digital heater is the heater guard protector surrounding the titanium cylinder, ensuring the safety of the fish.

This heater comes with a wattage of 500 watts and its temperature reading is in Fahrenheit. It can be used for fish tanks up to 130 gallons and is safe for both saltwater and freshwater uses. Other sizes include 300W and 800W.

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Best Inline Water Pump For Cleaning Fish Tanks

It's a messy job but it has to be done. Everyone who keeps fish has to do it in order to keep their tanks clean. You can do it the old fashion way with a hose and buckets or create a custom solution with an inline water pump. There is no way around keeping your fish tank clean and if you are in the market for an inline water pump to help speed things up, here are our top picks for keeping your fish tank clean.

best in-line water pumps for cleaning fish tanks

Best In-line Water Pumps for Fish Tank Cleaning

Most of the time, people use a water hose and buckets to syphon out waste that accumulates in the fish tank. Sloshing around water buckets can get messy and who wants to spill all that mucky water all over the carpet or floor?

Lucky for us, someone at some point took a look at a sump pump and realized it could also be used to create a syphon vacuum to remove dirt and waste from fish tanks. With an in-line water pump, you will need some hose or PVC pipe for the inlet and outlet. Of course, you will also need a drain or large trash can to capture the wastewater. Depending on your situation, you may even use the wastewater in your garden or flower beds.

Wayne Water Pump

The Wayne in-line water pump is made with a heavy-duty bronze plated housing for durability. It's small and portable and can pump up to 340 gallons of water per hour. It comes with a threaded discharge outlet that fits a standard garden house.

WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump With Suction Hose And Attachment Black

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SEAFLO Water Pump

The SEAFLO water pump has a three-chamber high volume design, driven by a heavy-duty motor produces flow rates of 3.3 gallons per minute. It is capable of self-priming up to 6 vertical feet and can run dry. It also has a built-in Adjustable Pressure Switch that turns on/off at 45 PSI.

SEAFLO 33Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump wPower Plug for Wall Outlet  115VAC 33 GPM 45 PSI

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FAQ In-line Fish Tank Water Pumps

Are in-line water pumps loud? Yes, In-line water pumps are made for industrial and outdoor use to move water from one place to another. The noise was not on the maker's priority list, although some are quieter than others, sump pumps tend to be on the louder end. On the brighter side, you will only use it when cleaning out your fish tank, if you are quick, you won't have to hear it for too long.

What else will I need? Depending on your setup and fish room size, you may decide to use a simple hose attachment or build out a custom PVC pipe drainage solution. For sure you will need to take some time to figure out pump placement and where the wastewater will go. Sometimes it makes sense to send everything down the drain, for others, wastewater is great for the garden and flower beds.

Can it suck up my fish? Yes, be very careful around your smaller fish as some inline pumps can have very powerful suction. If possible, use a PVC pipe attachment that is rigid and provides better control of where you are suctioning water from. In cases where you have smaller fish or fry you may want to syphon the wastewater out of your tank using a traditional hose and bucket instead of using the water pump.

If you have fry or smaller fish, you may want to look into a simpler solution like the python water exchanger. It hooks up directly to a water faucet and all the waste water goes down the drain, no water buckets, no mess.

25 Foot  Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning out fish tanks can become a real pain in the rear, especially as your fish room grows. Keeping multiple tanks clean is not easy and using the old hose and bucket can become tiresome. Taking some time to plan out a more permanent and efficient solution using an in-line water pump can really help speed up the cleaning process. Yes, they are noisy, but if used carefully and maintained, in-line water pumps can save you tons of time keeping your fish tanks clean.

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Best Canister Filter for Discus Fish Tanks

Raising Discus fish comes with many requirements, it can change drastically when keeping them in a show tank, breeding or grow out tanks. For the purpose of this article, let's assume you are keeping one tank and not a fish room with several tanks. Keeping several tanks requires different filtration options. Let's focus on hobbyist keeping a single tank and the best canister filters for each of those specific instances.

best canister filter for discus fish tanks

Best Canister Filter for Discus Show Tank

For the home or office, when you have a discus show tank, you need something quiet and that won't spill or require too much maintenance. Canister filters are great because they hide under the cabinet or fish tank stand. Fluval has been a trusted and reliable maker of canister filters that perform great for the discus show tank. Offering multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration all in one unit really makes Fluval and industry leader in canister filtration.

Fluval Canister Filter - Best for Discus Show Tank

Fluval Canister Filter for Aquariums  406  100 Gallon

Providing quiet filtration with minimal maintenance required, you will be hard pressed to find a canister filter for your discus tank that can beat Fluval.

Best Canister Filter for Discus Breeding Tank

When breeding discus you really want to minimize water turbulence to help improve fertilization of the eggs. With that being said, the best canister filter for a discus breeding tank would allow for flow deviation or flow adjustment. The Fluval Nano canister filter comes with an adjustable flow dial to help slow down water turbulence as well as a spray bar to help distribute the return flow of water.

Note: It is more often recommended to use a sponge filter in a discus breeding tank that also allows for air flow adjustment to reduce water turbulence. But if you have your heart set on a small canister filter, try the Fluval Nano.

Fluval Nano Canister Filter - Best for Breeding Discus

Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter

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The Fluval Nano is a great canister filter in a small package. Adjustable water flow and compact size enable you to benefit from mechanical filtration without taking too much room in the tank.

Best Canister Filter for Discus Growout Tank

Growing out discus fry to adult size requires a larger tank with space to grow. Mechanical and biological filtration is extremely important to prevent ammonia spikes and water parameter fluctuation. With all the extra food and waste created by the discus fish, you will need a powerful canister filter to keep your discus water clean and polished.

Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - Best for Discus Growout

Fluval Canister Filter FX6 Filter 400 Gal

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The Fluval FX6 has the ability to filter up to 563 gallons per hour, so if you had a 100-gallon tank, you essentially clean the entire tank water five times over in an hour. You could use the Fluval FX6 on tanks up to 400 gallons in size. Unless you had a mega-sized discus grow out tank, the Fluval FX6 should be all you need to keep your water clean.

Final Thoughts

Discus require specific attention to water quality, if you keep discus you know they are not as delicate as everyone makes them out to be. That being said, in order for your discus fish to thrive, water quality must be consistent in cleanliness and stable. At every stage, keeping discus fish is a great experience and they are a pleasure to own. If you are keeping a show tank of your prized discus fish in your living room, or perhaps you have a pair of discus who are raising their fry on their backs. Nothing quite compares to owning discus fish. Take some time and pick the best canister filter for your discus fish tanks, they are worth it.

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Aquarium Basics: The Sponge Filter for Fish Tanks

Using an aquarium sponge filter can benefit your tropical fish a lot. This sponge filter may be unsuitable for every fish tank, but for most fish tank hobbyist and even breeders, the basic sponge filter is an amazing and simple filter that does a great job of keeping your tanks clean.

Most fish aquarium keepers have no notion on how to use the sponge filter or are unaware that it exists at all. Opting first to go with a plugin mechanical or canister filter, the sponge filter is often overlooked. Don't be so quick to disregard the sponge fitler, it can do an amazing job.

Top Picks for Sponge Filters

Huijukon Double Super Biochemical Sponge Filter

Huijukon Double Super Biochemical Sponge Filter Air Powered Filter for Aquarium Fish Tank Filter

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Ultra Quiet Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter

Aquarium Air Pump Sponge Bio FilterUpettools Silent Mechanical And Biological High Density Foam Purifier Filtration Fish Tank Water Fall Air Pump

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Aquaneat Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

Aquaneat Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter 20 Gal Breeding Fry Betta Shrimp Fish Tank

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What exactly is a sponge filter?

A sponge filter is a porous sponge made up of an air tube which acts as a filtration mechanism in an aquarium. A sponge filter provides biological and mechanical filtration of accumulated particles and bio-wastes in the aquarium water. This sponge filter comes in various shapes and sizes and pore sizes as well to suit each filtration needs for your aquarium. It can also run on air pumps and powerheads.

However, a sponge filter does not contain any chemical filtration. But, you can secure a carbon bag to the sponge if you need chemical filtration.

What are the benefits of a Sponge Filter?

Some of the benefits of the Sponge Filter are: • It is simple and easy to use. It can power on basic methods like air pumps and powerheads. • It performs biological filtration efficiency. • It is the best filter for a Betta fish. • It is cost-efficient and affordable. • It is an ideal filter for breeding fish and suitable for raising fry or hospital tanks. • It is easy to clean. All you need to do is to take out the sponge and squeeze it. • It is a suitable choice for larger fish like Discus or Angel aquariums. • It can work on HOB filters as a pre-filter option. • It is also excellent for aquatic plants as it retains higher CO2 levels in the aquarium.

How does a Sponge Filter work?

A sponge filter operates by using the porous sponge as a biological and mechanical filter that sucks in water and filters any waste particles in the aquarium water. The porous material offers an excellent home for good bacteria to breed and grow. The beneficial bacteria turn harmful nitrates into less toxic nitrates which can be removed by frequent water changes.

An air stone performs the suction which will pull the water through the sponge. A powerhead can also be used to create a suction effect. This suction effect is known as "uplift" and will draw the water through the sponge, which will filter it and release the water back into your aquarium.


You can use a powerhead when higher water flow level is required or when cross-current is necessary for your big tanks.

Air pump

An air pump is best for fry, breeding and hospital tanks. You can use it when you need low current filters. The air pump is simple and easy to use and is ideal for first-timers.

Why is the Sponge Filter a suitable choice for your tropical fish tank?

The sponge filter provides a low water current level with the help of an air stone. The filter benefits betta fishes, and small shrimps. It creates a safe habitat for the fish as your betta fish cannot thrive in strong water current.

The sponge filter is an ideal choice for your planted aquariums. It helps to retain the CO2 in the water which will help your aquatic plants to thrive in your aquarium.

The sponge filter provides exceptional biological filtration.

The sponge filter can also connect with HOB filters as a pre-filter which can aid in preventing the debris from jamming the HOB canister. It also enables the filter cartridge in the HOB to last longer.

What are the downsides of the Sponge Filter?

The most significant drawback about the sponge filter is its lack of chemical filtration which can be done through the use of tools like activated carbon when you are medicating your fish. The other negative thing regarding the sponge filter is that it cannot be too appealing. It can be too big, broad and unattractive, so it is best you hide the sponge filter behind some rocks or other decor. You can also keep the sponge filter concealed behind aquatic plants in your planted aquarium.

How to use a sponge filter?

Using a sponge filter is simple. It comes as a pre-assembled media, so there is nothing you need to do except to connect it to an airline, and an air pump or a powerhead. The Tetra Whisper Air Pump is a recommended choice if you are going for the air pump.

How to clean a sponge filter?

A Sponge filter is easy to clean. Regular maintenance of the sponge filter is required to prevent wastes and particles from clogging it. Cleaning the sponge filter every few weeks or so is advisable for the well-being of your aquarium.

You would know it is time to clean the sponge filter when you notice the water around the sponge starts to lag. To clean the sponge filter, you will need to do a water change. Retain some of the used aquarium water in a bucket. Gently remove and pull the sponge filter out without dropping any debris or the dirty water into the aquarium. Next, immerse the sponge filter into the used water and rinse it thoroughly and repeatedly until it is free of debris. Once done, put it back again to its place in your tank. Throw the used and dirty aquarium water in the bucket and fill up the tank with conditioned water.

Your aquarium will be free of dirt and debris and therefore will not clog if you clean the sponge filter frequently. Additionally, the sponge filter will last longer.

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Best Solar Powered Pond Aerator

Anyone who has a pond knows the importance of keeping a pond well aerated. A well-aerated pond will ensure a healthy pond ecosystem and the water will also be kept fresh at all times. However, if a Pond is not aerated, then the Pond will become contaminated and stale within a short period. It gets filled with unwanted elements such as pests; weeds etc. and the water in the pond will also become stale, murky and unusable. All these will lead to loss of livestock and the entire pond's ecosystem in the worst case. As such regular aeration is a necessity to keep a pond oxygenated, healthy and thriving.

solar powered pond aerator

As such a Pond aerator is required to keep a Pond well aerated and healthy. Pond aerators are of two types, i.e. Regular aerators which are powered by electricity and Solar powered aerators which are powered by the sun when we compare them side by side Solar powered Pond aerators carry with them more benefits and value as such let us look at some details surrounding Solar Powered Pond Aerators.

A Solar Powered Pond Aerator uses the energy from the sun to power itself and then pump water around the pond, thus keeping it well aerated and healthy. The workings of a Solar Pond Aerator consist of a solar panel which traps the energy from the sun and then converts the potential solar energy into kinetic energy by driving the motor in the pump. A Solar Powered Pond Aerator generally consists of a Solar Panel, an Air Pump, Cords to transfer energy and a few accessories depending on the model you purchase.

Top Picks for Solar Powered Pond Aerator Oxygenator Kits

Sunnydaze Solar Pond Oxygenator

Sunnydaze Solar Pond Oxygenator Plus Air Pump Outdoor with Battery Pack 52 GPH  for Aquarium or Fish Tank

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AEO Solar Powered Air Pump Kit

AEO Solar Powered Air Pump Kit one Airing Stone 2LPM Air Pump  15W Solar Panel for Fish Pond Aquaculture Hydroponics Bubbleponics

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PondXpert Solar Garden Pond Oxygenator

PondXpert Solar Garden Pond Oxygenator

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DDSKY Solar Powered Pond Oxygen Pump Oxygenator

DDSKY Solar Oxygen Pump Solar Powered Oxygen Pump Oxygenator Water Pump Kits for Garden Pool Pond Patio Outdoor

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Why Choose Solar Powered Pond Aerators

A Solar Powered Pond Aerators has multiple advantages over regular Pond aerators. Let us take a look at some of the advantages and features they possess over regular ones.

  1. User-Friendly: Solar Powered Pond Aerators are relatively easy to set up when compared with regular ones. This is because they come with only a few parts which include a solar panel, a pump, a few cords, a battery and some additional accessories. As such setting them up takes only a few minutes making them extremely user-friendly.

  2. Portable: Another Aspect of Solar Powered Pond Aerators is that they are very portable owing to their easy setup and the use of only a few parts. As such moving them from one place to another is a breeze, and they can be easily adjusted based on the user.

  3. No Running Cost: A significant advantage of solar powered aerators is that they do not incur any running costs. This is because they rely solely on solar energy. Therefore, with solar-powered aerators, there is no need to worry about electricity bills.

  4. Environmentally friendly: Because of their reliance on solar energy, Solar Powered Pond Aerators are ecologically friendly, and as such, they do not cause any environmental pollution.

The above are some of the benefits and advantages that solar-powered aerators have over regular ones.

What to Consider when Buying a Solar Powered Pond Aerator

If you plan on buying a solar powered pond aerator, there are a few things which should be considered before buying one. This is because not all of them are the same, and they are of different types. They may differ in size, capacity, output, purpose, price etc. Owing to these factors some things need to be taken into consideration, and they are as follows.

The Type:

Solar powered pond aerators are generally of two types, i.e. the solar pump kit and Floating aerator type. The solar pump kit has a small air pump, which is direct and straightforward and doesn't require any extra wiring. It is suitable for hot environments with lots of sunlight. However, since it has a small pump, it is not ideal for larger water bodies. For the Floating aerator, the aerator floats on the water body and sprays oxygen just near the surface and uses a stone diffuser to dispel carbon dioxide, ammonia and other harmful gases. It is suitable for larger water bodies as it can flow around.

The Capacity:

Solar pond aerators also come in different operating capacity, and it is measured in a unit called GPH. GPH stands for Gallons per hour and indicates how many gallons of water an aerator can pump in an hour. As such based on the size of the pond, you should purchase an aerator with the desired pumping capacity. The higher the GPH value, the more water an aerator can pump.

The Location:

Since a solar-powered aerator requires solar energy to power it, as such the location of the pond is of importance. If your pond is located in a dimly lit environment with no sunlight, then the solar-powered aerator cannot function properly and vice-versa. As such based on your location and weather pattern, you should purchase one accordingly.

The Solar Panels and Battery:

All solar powered pond aerators come with a solar panel; however they are offered in different sizes. A larger solar panel will trap more solar energy, thus providing more energy to the pump, while a smaller solar panel will trap relatively less energy. Coming to the battery, not all solar powered pond aerator comes with batteries; however, a battery is required if you wish for the pump to keep aerating the pond even at night, or if you wish for the aerator to keep pumping when there is no sunlight. Therefore, the size of the solar panel and battery should also be taken into consideration as well.

The Price:

The pricing of the solar powered pond aerator should also be taken into consideration when looking to buy one. Not all solar pond aerators are priced equally, and they tend to vary greatly depending on the aforementioned factors as such selection should be made according to the budget.

Final Thoughts

When we look at things objectively, there is no such thing as the best solar powered pond aerator because the needs of each consumer differ. As such, while seeking to buy the best solar powered pond aerator one's requirements, purpose, budget and other factors should be taken into account. Therefore, only an informed purchase will help you to buy the best solar powered pond aerator for you.

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Best Aquarium Power Strip Surge Protectors ( Top Picks and Guide )

Power strips are a fairly common sight in the average household. Anyone that uses electronics in their daily lives knows that there can never be enough outlets around to plug into. They can even be found in professional environments like offices and data centers. But just because it has a wide range of applications does not necessarily mean all power strips are equal. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite.

aquarium power strip surge protector

You’ll find that there are different kinds of power strips available for you to buy. They are meant to be used for a range of different purposes so it stands to reason that they would be built differently. It can be tempting to just go down to your local hardware store and pick up the cheapest option available. But while most power strips can handle every day household use without much consequence, it’s a whole other situation when you start to use it for other things.

Aquarium users know this well and getting the right aquarium power strip is crucial. There’s no shortage of power strips out there but there is a shortage of information on them. This guide will make sure you’re up to date with your aquarium power strip.

Top Aquarium Power Strip Surge Protectors

Kill A Watt Power Strip Surge Protector

Kill A Watt power strip and surge protector is perfect for the tech savvy tropical fish hobbyist. If you want to know how much power your equipment is using, Kill A Watt will help you track it and monitor electrical use ( max/min volts, amps, watts, leakage current). Plus, Kill A Watt will protect your equipment from power surges and voltage spikes. With a total of ten outlets and six foot cord, Kill A Watt offers a solid power strip for your fish room.

P3 P4330 Kill A Watt Ps 10 Surge Protector

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Zoo Med Aquarium Controller Timer and Power Strip

Zoo Med created a power strip to help with specific aquarium needs. Built in timers enable you to power on and off lights at certain times of the day. Multiple outlets are great for canister filters and heaters. You get eight grounded outlets, four controlled by the timer and four standard.

Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer  Power Strip White

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Coralife Power Center Day Night Timer Strip

Coralife to the aquarium power strip to the next level by enabling you to recreate a complete day and night cycle for your fish tank. You get eight total grounded outlets, four standard outlets and four controlled by the timer. Coralife further splits the outlets on the timer to enable day time and night time powered lights or equipment. Pretty cool when you think about the combinations of lights and equipment you can run during the day and during the night.

Coralife 05150 Power Center Day Night Timer Strip

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Why Do You Need a Good Aquarium Power Strip?

If you just use a power strip to power your TV and other electronics, you don’t give it another thought. But any aquarium hobbyist will instantly know the importance of having a decent power strip. Part of it is realizing just what it’s going to be used for. You could argue that every power strip is functionally the same in that it just increases the number of outlets you can plug into. However, in real life circumstances it’s never that simple.

When you’re powering up an aquarium, you’re not just plugging in a few disparate electronics. You are actually plugging in components of a living and breathing system. Each aquarium can only function thanks to its various parts like the filter, air pump, heater, and the lighting system. These components need a serious draw of power without fail or interruption. Any fluctuation in power could result in catastrophe not only ruining your aquarium system but also putting your aquarium life in grave danger.

This is why you can’t compromise on something like a power strip. It is arguably the one thing that holds your aquarium system together. You need something that is not only sturdy and powerful but also safe enough to use. At the end of the day, you’re using electricity to power up something that comes in contact with water, and you can never be too careful about that.

What to Look For In an Aquarium Power Strip

Let’s face it, there are a ton of different aquarium power strips on the market and not all of them are necessarily great. In fact, a lot can be subpar in terms of quality. But with a myriad of brands and products out there, how do you make an informed purchasing decision? Well, we’ll looking at some aspects you can use to judge a decent aquarium power supply.

Number of Outlets

Probably the major reason why you would get a power strip in the first place is to increase the number of outlets. But the real question is just how many. There are many power strips with options ranging from two outlets to four, eight, ten and even twelve. Make sure you base your choice on your existing requirement and leave a few more just in case you get more equipment in the future. You might even have to get a bigger power strip if some of your bulkier plugs cover up more than one socket space.


Different countries will have different outlets for their homes and appliances. There’s no point getting a power strip if it only supports half of your equipment. This is why it’s important to make sure you have a power strip with universal sockets to accommodate your equipment plugs. This way you can mix and match parts from around the world without any hesitation. Some power strips will even come with USB ports if you want to plug in a small led or charge your phone.


Having your aquarium power strip sit on the floor with wires dangling from it is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is one trip on the power strip to damage your equipment or worse, topple your aquarium over. This is why you need to get a power strip with decent mounting capability that can hang on the walls safe and sound. You also want to make sure you have enough cord length to safely place the power strip without pulling the cord.


High level aquarium equipment is highly susceptible to electrical faults more so than other electronics. All it takes is a power surge or storm and you’re looking at a fried system. For most people this isn’t an issue since they have surge protection in their homes. But every so often you might not have that opportunity especially living on rent. This is when it’s important to have surge protection and proper grounding in your aquarium power strip.

GFCI Protection

While surge protection can help keep your equipment from frying, the same can’t be said for the safety of your aquarium life. GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit interrupter) is a safety mechanism designed to help prevent outlets from giving out electric shocks. Some outlets already have this built in but chances are that you might not have one. Having an aquarium strip with GFCI will help cut down unintended pathways of electrical flow. This will keep you and aquarium life from getting electrocuted by any faults.

Final Thoughts

This should give you all the information you need to get the right power strip for your aquarium. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of more outlets without the fear of any major mishaps messing up your equipment. Remember, the power strip connects all your devices, it is the central piece that literally powers it all. Always be careful when dealing with electricity around water, plan ahead, mount your power strip away from direct water contact and never overload your outlets. Contact a professional if you are not sure what you are doing or require another outlet versus overloading an outlet.