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Making side income breeding fish?

posted by markus in Freshwater Fish Breeding

With all the local fish stores closing up and Walmart or Petco being the only alternatives to buying fish, I have been thinking of building out a breeding rack in my garage and maybe make a side income...

Anyone have experience doing this? Outside of tetras, goldfish and those crazy neon injected fish, the big box stores don't have the variety we all used to get at the local LFS...

Anyone breeding tropical fish and making any kind of money?

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TFAdmin - 6 years ago
Hey Markus, welcome to the forum...

Yea, I have been seeing the same thing as well, LFS is gone and no replacement... I think you can make a few dollars if you watch your expenses and are active online... Electricity, water and food will be the primary expense outside of acquiring your initial breeding stock... You didn't mention what you wanted to breed...

Develop a reputation for developing and breeding great fish and find forums like this one to post when you have something to sell...

daisy - 5 years ago
Hi there I'm new here I just want to know what kind of fish is easy to breed.
bienn05 - 5 years ago
I am so interested in how to breed fish. I tried it before but I failed. All my fishes died after a week. I don't know why. Can someone help me?
Sheester - 5 years ago
I had tried before way back in my college life to breed fish. It was a good result though but it really needs time and focus for maintenance.
cheelito - 5 years ago
Breeding fish requires a lot of time. We have a fishpond where we breed a different kind of fish. It is not an easy task where you need to put a lot of effort. But when harvest comes you will fill with joy because of hard works pay.
Behappie - 5 years ago
I have made some good money breeding fish as a pastime and my experience is not too fantastic as a newbie but I did overcome them all with time.
khanhtran123 - 5 years ago
I know quite many people doing it for a living. My grandpa also did it. It is not going to make you rich but it is affordable to live
LilUrishi - 5 years ago
My cousin used to do breeding a fish , she love different fishes, and then one time she breed her fish.
vinaya - 5 years ago
I have often thought about fish breeding, however in absence of technical knowledge, I have been putting my desire to the back seat. In my locality, there are not many fish breeders. In fact, I don't know anyone breeding fish. I think there is money to be made in fish breeding.
GuppyMan - 4 years ago
My dad used to breed fish when I was a kid, but as far as I remember, it was not really worth it. He ended up giving up because the costs were just too high. Maybe things have changed and are different now though, but I don't think there is much money to be made there.

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