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Can a goldfish live in a fish bowl without filter?

posted by superlicca in Freshwater Fish

I am planning to get a goldfish. But I wonder if they can live in a bowl without a filter. May I know if you also have a goldfish in a fishbowl? And how do you take care of it?

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TFAdmin - 3 years ago
Goldfish are pretty tuff, as long as you do regular water changes to keep the bowl clean from waste, you should be ok. Daily feeding with Goldfish Flake Food, just don't overfeed, that will foul up your water quickly, plus the more your Goldfish eats, the more waste it will produce. Waste can build up fast, so daily or every other day water changes... Eventually, you will want to get a small five to ten-gallon tank and put a filter in it to help keep your tank clean for you.
paddygsound - 3 years ago
Yeah, they are pretty tough little fellas. You would certainly want to make sure that you keep the water clear. Too much food will make a real mess of the water.
ion - 3 years ago
I have goldfish, and I think TFadmin is right. I Just wonder sir, how many times should the goldfish need to feed? I feed them 4x a day and you're right, it looks dirty always, I think I overfeed my fish.
fishbate - 3 years ago
I agree with @TFAdmin, the oxygen content of the water is enough provided that you replace it regularly. Also it helps in keeping the water clean and protect the fish from high toxicity.
janpaolobeja - 3 years ago
i think they can live without the filter.thank you
mark86 - 3 years ago
I think they can live there as long as you feed them properly and taking good care with them definitely they will live there.
NesMarcos - 3 years ago
When I was starting to keep fish as my pet, I had a chance to take care of gold fish and the first thing I make sure is keeping their water clean. I also do not overfeed them because I know it will bring harm to them.
vinaya - 3 years ago
GOld fish can survive in a fish bowl without a filter because there is enough oxygen in water. However, you have to replace water regularly because over the days the oxygen level in the water decreases. You also be very careful about feeding your gold fish as over feeding is detrimental to the health of gold fish
Dannyland - 3 years ago
I think goldfish can live in a fish bowl without a filter, but it will likely difficult for them to live and it may shorten their life. I rather recommend that you keep a goldfish in a larger and filtered tank to its support needs to live longer. Fishes like goldfish live longer in a larger aquarium with filter and proper feeding. And also be careful on feeding them because over feeding is unhealthy for them, same goes to all living creaturesI think goldfish can live in a fish bowl without a filter, but it will likely difficult for them to live and it may shorten their life. I rather recommend that you keep a goldfish in a larger and filtered tank to its support needs to live longer. Fishes like goldfish live longer in a larger aquarium with filter and proper feeding. And also be careful on feeding them because over feeding is unhealthy for them, same goes to all living creatures
Jelineex - 3 years ago
I doubt if the goldfish can live longer in a small place without filter. These type of fish needs air support and easily get stressed. I like watching them like they're always pregnant. Lovely and interesting colors as well.
ion - 3 years ago
They can live longer in a small fishbowl even without filter but 1 or 2 goldfish are enough in the fishbowl. More than 2 goldfish is in a fishbowl will surely cause of lack of oxygen for them.
mark86 - 3 years ago
I think it does. I had a gold fish before and i put in a fishbowl. They could live as long as you always clean their water and feed them properly.
TFAdmin - 3 years ago
I had similar experience, goldfish are very tuff fish and they can live in fine in a bowl as long as it is well fed and the water is kept clean...
Chinet23 - 3 years ago
We had one too before and it doesn't live long enough. I don't think that that's a favorable condition for a goldfish to thrive.
Sam02 - 3 years ago
Goldfish is verry pretty like puppies? i think as long as they are in water they can live without filter. You just take care of them like what you do in yourself?
amelia88 - 3 years ago
Just be careful if they're in an actual "bowl" rather than a tank. There are many helpful articles online about it, but ultimately some places refer to it as like sitting in a bathtub filled with your own waste - it's almost impossible to keep a bowl clean unless you're changing the water daily.
simply_juli3 - 3 years ago
You can keep a goldfish in a bowl as long as you give it oxygen. A tube releasing oxygen dipped inside the water is enough to keep it alive. It's not required to clean the bowl everyday especially if you only have a single fish living inside. I give it a week or more before I clean mine but if it gets dirty faster than the usual, I don't wait for another day to pass before changing the water.
wallet - 3 years ago
A goldfish may live in a fishbowl without filter if you change its water very often, in this way he will have enough oxygen.
Gilgamesh - 3 years ago
Ughm, yes they can live into it but I'm not convinced that it can live into it for a long time. Intense care is needed for you to noirish it because the lack of filter and oxygen equipment is a big factor. You must daily change the water to make it clean and maintain oxygen. Place the bowl into a safe place, no cats etc. Don't forget to feed it that's all.
RoseKaizer - 3 years ago
I think they can live, as long as the water is always clean and regular water change. Also daily feeding is a must to keep the gold fish healthy.
Russ - 3 years ago
Goldfish are a form of carp with a natural adult body size of about a foot long. So if you keep them in a bowl your are obviously planning to kill them young. Sorry to be blunt, but this thread is full of terrible advice. If you plan for your goldfish to live any kind of normal life span it will need ten gallons per fish and a filter. I wonder how many people who replied even keep goldfish. I do--4 large adult specimens in a 180 gallon tank with a large filter. None of them could fit in a normal sized bowl without touching both sides.
TFAdmin - 3 years ago
You are right Russ, even if a bowl can be done, doesn't mean it should be done. Goldfish would be much happier with room to grow in a ten gallon plus filter...
jeffreyjose48 - 3 years ago
I think so. I have tried it. I also have goldfish in an aquarium with filter. They also survive. My problem with having filters is that you are using electricity for it function. Our monthly electricity bill shoots up. That's why having the gold fish live in a fish bowl is better in that sense.
rmed - 3 years ago
Yes, as long as your bowl has enough space because the bigger space it has the greater oxygen it can offer, but keep in mind,change the water regularly to avoid those decaying organic matter,excess food etc., that will cause them hazard.
Martinsx - 3 years ago
The question is why don't you want to use filter? Are you sure that you are going to be able to keep the fishbowl always clean and neat enough to prevent the fish from getting bad living environment? These are the questions that you have to answer before deciding to use no filter.
Lilian - 3 years ago
The function of filter is to host microorganism that important to recycle all waste and residue your fish excreted. Before filter machine, bottom gravel is a must. Bottom gravel could host as much as beneficial microorganism. Choose fairly coarse gravel that don't trap poisonous gas. So my answer to your question is: yes, a goldfish could live in a fishbowl --with good bottom gravels layer. Cycle the water before you put the fish. Or get half water from your other established aquarium water. Choose smaller goldfish species. Make sure you buy an adult size goldfish, for no later surprise. They a a fussy eater so watch out the water. You will need to change the water more frequently. Make sure you replace max. 50% only. One thing about goldfishes, they need cold water. So please put the bowl away from any sunlight or heat. Make sure you put the same water temperature when changing. Those are reasons why keeping goldfishes in larger container is easier, for stable cool temperature, and better cycled water. Good luck. If you find it hard, you can change to beautiful red male Betta fish for your fishbowl. Betta will thrive in a fish bowl.
stbrians - 3 years ago
A Clean fishbowl with frequently changing water will do the trick. Most animals need care and so are goldfish. Doing the right things will actually ensure the survival of your goldfish.

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