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Stabilized (treated wood) wood

posted by fishbate in Freshwater Tank Equipment

I'm planning to use stabilized (treated) drift wood on my aquarium. I'm really not sure if its safe for the fish. Before i just use a normal driftwood from fallen branches of trees. But these woods get soft in time and makes my tank full of debris. I thought that if i treat the driftwood it would last longer and eliminate debris coming from it.

The only problem is that, i really don't know if its safe for fish. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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wallet - 4 years ago
This happened to me as well, I used normal wood and my aquarium was full with dirt, take the treated wood from the specialized fish shops, they have all kind and forms there without any risk for your fish.
Russ - 4 years ago
There are woods sold specifically for tanks that are hardwoods mainly from Africa. If you want to avoid the cost of that you can stay pretty safe by sticking to hardwoods from non-toxic trees, such as trees that grow edible fruit. You can also pick up driftwood that is already very seasoned from the river or beach, but in that case you should boil it first to avoid bringing in any parasites.
Lilian - 4 years ago
No no no. Don't use treated wood. Drift wood should come from only some species which is hard and most of tannin had bleached out. Mine, come floating first it came so I have to soak it for more than 2 months before it could sink. You can take home any drift wood you find along sea-shore, or beach line. Give them nice shower, then hot water, soak in fresh water for few weeks, put it in your tank. But please, no to treated wood. I run a wooden furniture factory so I know how nasty chemical used to treat wood.