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What was your first fish you kept?

posted by TFAdmin in Freshwater Fish

Long long time ago... I started with guppies, easy to take care of and before I knew it, I had more guppies than I knew what to do with...

What was your first fish in your tank?

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Gilgamesh - 4 years ago
The fist fish Ibraise is a hold fish though it went gone horribly wrong because It died and get eaten by my cat?. I was really careless at that time, now I have a lot of variety of fish that I were raising and I learned a lesson to take good care of them?.
RoseKaizer - 4 years ago
My first fish that i kept was gold fish, i accidentally fall my small aquarium and fall down. im so careless and i blamed myself that time.
wallet - 4 years ago
My first fish was a betta, I have chosen this fish because I didn't have an aquarium at that time and I could keep it in a bowl.
Lushh - 4 years ago
My first ever fish were a pair of goldfish I received when I was around age 10. A family member had given my mom a large aquarium and after being empty for a long time my mom took me to the pet store and I chose the goldfish.

They were the only fish I had for the longest while until one died so we started getting more and more of different varieties.
Gilgamesh - 4 years ago
The first fish I have kept is a gold fish, I took good care of it in a fish bowl but It died ecentually because my cat knock the fish bowl down and eat my fish sadly?. So now, I bought an aquarium for more safety precautions of my fish against my cats. I named mg fish nemo ironically.
fishbate - 4 years ago
My first fish was a Siamese shark and was a gift from a friend. They are very easy to take care and maintain. I had them for several years and i have learned almost all my ideas and skills from them
vinaya - 4 years ago
I started with gold fish. I started with gold fish because I did not know about other species. Furthermore, I did not have an aquarium and I had heard that you could keep gold fish in a bowl. I think if you are just starting out, gold fish is the ideal species.
parcen18 - 4 years ago
It was last year that my son wished to have a fish for pet. My wife and I decided to buy an small aquarium. We bought 3 gold fish to surprise our son. We have no idea how to take care of this three little gold fish; sadly, one of them died and we don't know what was the real cause of its death. So we tried to search and learn from internet.
paddygsound - 4 years ago
My first fish was a gold fish, like most people. I got it from the pet store and when I got home I kept it in an old large lolly jar that we never used.
I used to love sitting and watching him. I had his little home dressed up pretty well too, given how small the jar was
jayjaydimson - 4 years ago
I was keeping an angelfish, goldfish, and I don't know what the other fish name but it looks like a small shark, they are not fighting each other even they are all living in the same aquarium. They are not choosy on foods, and having them is like a stress reliever on me.
Jelineex - 4 years ago
I started with carp fish because they're easy to take care. They're not that sensitive and can easily adapt with their environment. They swim fast and the colors are very attractive.I like to feed them with some leaves, fish food and mosquito larvae ( wiggler ). I consider it tough and sturdy in terms of quality and durability.
mark86 - 4 years ago
The first fish I took care was a gold fish. Its is popular fish before and I collected as many as I could during that time.
Caguioa747 - 4 years ago
Albino and peppered cory cats were my first. Plecos are my favourite now. And not really a fish but I love Gary my apple snail

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