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Do You Name Your Fish?

posted by Lushh in Freshwater Fish

My aquarium has six fish all of the same kind and I've assigned a name to each of them. Am I the only one who name their pet fish? If no, how do you tell them apart? I differentiate mine by their sizes.

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Marako0406 - 5 years ago
Same here, I also gave names to all my pets including the fish. I can definitely tell who's who by their size and where they always hide and go plus they are really different with each other because of their colors across their body. I have four tiger barbs and and four neon tetras on the other tank. It's definitely relaxing and satisfying to watch them play and swim around and there maybe instances that they actually listen when you call them by their names.
paddygsound - 5 years ago
God yes, I do. Don't ask me what their names are though some are embarrassing, though a lot of some have looney tunes character names. Some based on their unique characters
wallet - 5 years ago
I have never named my fish because I had too many of them and is very hard to say who is who....
fishbate - 5 years ago
Naming is not for me, that is my kids task. My kids knows each and every one of fish and i thinks its a big help for because its some sort of supervision on their part. Well i'm on the maintenance side so it's good that we all have our part for the fish.
mark86 - 5 years ago
I named my fish according to their colors. It is easy for me to recognize them from their colors. I love to see them swimming and playing most of time
Jelineex - 5 years ago
I have different kinds of fish. Naming them will only make me confuse. I have goldfish, black tetra, zebra danios, swordtail and carp fish. I love the mixture of colors. It's very lively and attractive. I feed them with fish food and mosquito larvae ( wiggler ). It's fun to watched them during feeding time. They look so festive. Taking care of pets like fish teaches me to be compassionate. It's also my stress reliever. It adds joy to our lives.
MomoStarr16 - 5 years ago
I do name my fish when I was a child. But I call them varying from their colors. It is some sort of showing love for them.
EZMER - 5 years ago
Hi. Yes I do. I remember when I was 10, we live in the city. A water pipe of an abandoned lot beside our house had broken. So to make useful of the overflowing water, my dad improvised a man-made pond. I was really amazed by the countless little fish swimming in the pond. I told my dad that I’m a little bit frustrated because I really want to name all of them while they are all still a baby, but they’re too many. My dad burst with laughter and then he said “they’re tadpoles”. I didn’t know what a tadpole was so I felt sad when I knew that they are going to be frogs and toads when they grow up.

My dad saw how sad I was because I was really expecting that they were all fish. So the next morning my dad bought a lot of baby cichlid fish or "tilapia" in our country, and put them in the pond. I was so excited. My dad told me that the two biggest fish were the parents. I named them “tin-tin” and “jonie”, mother and father respectively.

All the fishes grew up, I didn’t know who is tin-tin and jonie anymore. Until one occasion, mom and dad took some full grown fish from the pond and grilled them. I just didn’t know if tin-tin and jonie was one of them. Sad.
RoseKaizer - 5 years ago
Yes, my first fish name was Kimchee and then the next was Gilly. I usually naming all of my pet like my dogs and cat.
vinaya - 5 years ago
When I had my first pair of fish, I named them. They were gold fish and I named gold and golden. I assumed them to be a couple, a male and female. I kept them in a bowl and enjoyed them play in the water. I would call their names loud and pretended that they listened and understood. However, when the flock began to increase, I lost interest in naming my fish
Youngshark - 5 years ago
Its a pet. Meaning that it definitely deserves to have a name. It amkes my interaction with them even more realistic.
jocelyn_v - 5 years ago
Yes. Definitely i name my fish because i only own a few. And it sound better if i will call them with a name than just a fish. I think you should always name your fish unless your a breeder. But give them names that are easy to remember like golden swimmy so that you will not forget their names.
Lilian - 5 years ago
The only fish I kept which has name was my white oscar. It seems to recognize me. Every time I was around the tank he will com closer to the glass and follow me. So, it made me barely see it's beautiful red side batik. Lol. It's name is Bule. Other fish, no name. I name my fish if they sort of show a personality. Some of my friend train their Lou Han. Seriously the lou-han could do attraction by order. Like swimming to directed corner, or jump out the water.
marian0302 - 5 years ago
Yes, I do! It isn't common naming your fish but giving them a name is great way to identify them. I have a fish before and I named her goldie.
Caguioa747 - 5 years ago
I usually name mine whenever I can recognize individual fish, which means my rasboras and half of my loaches don't have names. My kuhli loaches have names like Donut, Chocolate Eclair, Cutie Mark, Ninja, Speck and Drop.
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Greetings All

posted by Lushh in Welcome

I'm excited to be a part of the community to learn and share. It feels good be here. B|

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paddygsound - 5 years ago
Welcome and I hope that you have an enjoyable time become part of this community.