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Aquarium Fish Tank Heaters

posted by TFAdmin in Freshwater Tank Equipment

New article just posted, talks about aquarium fish heaters...

Breaks down three different types of aquarium heaters based on your tank size needs.



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Martinsx - 1 year ago
Wow, the information contained in this article is very helpful with people looking for the best heaters to use for their aquarium tanks. This is a very good information especially for winter seasons because it would be very helpful in getting the aquarium tank to suitable temperature for the fishes survival. Thanks so much for sharing my friend. You did a very wonderful job.
TFAdmin - 1 year ago
Thanks Martinsx, appreciate the kind words!
fishbate - 1 year ago
Great article, specially with the details and specifications in it. I got my eye on Finnex titanium aquarium heater. This one comes with a controller and very efficient. I think the price is all worth it. Thanks for the information...i salute!
paddygsound - 1 year ago
Great article. Very useful information for those that need to make decisions about which to buy.

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