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Red Spotted Green Breeding Pair

posted by TFAdmin in Photography

Quick picture of a Red Spotted Green breeding pair...

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bienn05 - 5 years ago
This is so cute. I don't imagine that there is a fish like this. Is it edible?
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
No eating Discus please...
Martinsx - 5 years ago
Haha, please no eating Discus. I'm fully in support of this one. Look at how pretty the Discus looks and to think of eating it makes me want to cry. Spare it the desire to eat it.
Sheester - 5 years ago
An amazing creature. Perfect breeding of Red Spotted Green Pair.
Im_a_morena - 5 years ago
Wow this fish look so good.
cheelito - 5 years ago
This fish is awesome, how much time did they spend to breed this kind of fish?
Racky18 - 5 years ago
Wow this fish so nice to see,it's really colorful but can this kind of fish can easily be handled like in an aquarium or pond.What about their feeds is it easy to find in any store or does there feed's is cheap or expensive. What are the percentage of it's survival rate of this fish?can they survive in a hot tropical climate,is it viable for commercial breeding.
kathness - 5 years ago
I want one! Can we buy that in pet stores? Or is it especially produced by breeding only? Thank you.
khanhtran123 - 5 years ago
It's looking good
Lissiel - 5 years ago
That's gorgeous fish right there. It's really the best addition to anyone's aquarium. Where did you get it? Did you buy it in a pet store? They look kind of big or it is just in the picture? I haven't seen one of this yet before.
Arnorth - 5 years ago
That's really cool. I wish I could have my own but I think it's not available here in the Philippines and I think it's really expensive. Does it eat smaller fish? I bought a small fish before and put in the aquarium. I thought the big one would not eat it. I was really sad and shocked when the big fish just sucked the small one. I was really devastated at that time. I feel like I was behind the murder.
Noahhh - 5 years ago
Great shot. I am also a marine photographer, everything is perfect the lightning and timing. That's a nice fish, I like how the pattern is different from top compared to bottom which those dot.
wallet - 5 years ago
Wow, it looks great, I have tried to breed a pair of discus but all the eggs they have died, I like it.
Martinsx - 5 years ago
Wow, whenever I see such discuss I seem to fall in love with them on the spot immediately. This is one of the most beautiful thing I have seen today. Fishes looks amazing swimming in aquarium.
stbrians - 5 years ago
It looks amazing and the image hit the screen so well. Now, where can one purchase such an amazing creature? It graces the aquarium amazingly well. Do you breed them so that I can order a pair?
Dannyland - 5 years ago
Wow, this fish is so beautiful! I would like to breed this kind of fishes. Its colors are unique and amazing those stripes adds to its vibrant and stylish look. Are this kind of fish can reproduce fast in a short period?
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
Takes about a year to grow out a Discus fish to be somewhere in the late juvenile to the early adult stage before they begin to pair up... Then it takes them several attempts before they get it right and some pairs don't make very good parents, so they are a bit of a challenge to breed... Plus you have the food and water parameters to get right, Discus is not a really a reproduce fast kind of fish...
Jelineex - 5 years ago
Have mercy on the fish. Give the life it deserve. I think, aquarium fish cannot be eaten. Consume it with your lovely eyes. It will give you relaxation and satisfaction.
theresajane - 5 years ago
How is the experience of taking care of this kind of fish? I personally think that it's cute and it's interesting.

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