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Pictures of visit to Uncle Sam's Discus in Canoga Park, Ca

posted by TFAdmin in Photography

This pair of bright orange pigeon blood discus was amazing to see... I didn't see any wrigglers on their cone, but their color and size were impressive, wouldn't mind having this pair of discus in my fish room!

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TFAdmin - 5 years ago
Forgot to post link to Uncle Sam's Discus...
khanhtran123 - 5 years ago
Ya. The color of it is too good. The picture is a bit blurry
compared to the other 3 in though.
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
Other 3? There are only two fish in the tank, perhaps you are confused by the reflection?
Lissiel - 5 years ago
I really like the color, bought the aquarium looks a bit lonely. I think there's two of them inside right? Its shape is like a spade.
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
Hi @Lissiel, yes, there are only two, it's a breeding pair, very bright and large fish.
Martinsx - 5 years ago
The tank looks so clean or should I say too clean and scanty. There isn't much object to spice the lives of the fish up except the cup if it's what I think it is. But the two fishes looks good by the way.
Bigbigfan - 5 years ago
I've never owned a Discus, it's on my to do list when I find space. Do Discus fish not require much oxygen to survive? I noticed you don't have any rocks and was curious about oxygenation. Let us know how the breeding goes!
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
The pair of Discus in the picture are from a Discus breeder who had them on a large centralized system. Water from the tank overflowed out, was filtered and aerated by a centralized filtration system, then circulated back into the fish tank.
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
The Discus in the picture are a breeding pair, there were little fry on the cone behind the Discus, usually breeding pairs are kept in super clean bare bottom tanks.
MomoStarr16 - 5 years ago
Wow! That thing was so amazing. I could stare it for whole day. What kind or breed is that? looks like angel fish with different color.
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
stbrians - 5 years ago
It looks amazing really. I love the image. What kind is the fish?
TFAdmin - 5 years ago
stbrians - 5 years ago
This is an amazing photo. The Discus looks amazing. The shot is a great one
Caguioa747 - 5 years ago
Wow I wish i could get one of that. I want that to add to my collection of fishes. So gorgeous.

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