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Is glue gun safe?

posted by Arnorth in Freshwater Fish

My brother went on a trip before and bought us many dead corals. I cleaned them well and I was hoping that I could paste two different corals together before I would put it in the aquarium. Is it safe for the fish if I use Glue Gun to stick the corals together?

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clairmatin - 4 years ago
Just try to use whatever brand of reef safe glue!
Russ - 4 years ago
Glue guns are not meant for outside or underwater use. For a permanent hold your best choice is a plain silicone glue. But keep in mind that you dead corals will gradually dissolve in water, both destroying the coral and affecting your water parameters.
Arnorth - 4 years ago
I'll try the plain silicone glue. I've been looking for a glue that is safe for aquariums but it seems that it's not yet available in my area. I've been asking in the Pet stores but it's not available.
sheriff - 4 years ago
You should consult an expert before doing that. The silicone glue is advisable. You should consider the life of the coral due to the probability of dissolution.
fishbate - 4 years ago
I don't think its safe in long term specially when it's exposed to fishes. I'm not sure but i think the material can get brittle in time and could be eaten by fishes. It can also add debris on your tank, specially when the glue is not sturdy anymore.
blackmist - 4 years ago
I wont suggest it because glue gun don't stick much when submerged to water. It is also true that it can broke to pieces and the fish can eat them. So its not advisable to use it. It is more safer to just put the corals in the aquarium without sticking them.
Chinet23 - 4 years ago
Glue gun is not made for that purpose hence it's not safe to use it underwater or in the aquarium. Nor does it have a strong adhesive bond as compared to other supplies. Better to consult an expert than to risk your fishes life.
MomoStarr16 - 4 years ago
It may look not appropriate but if you are asking if glue gun can hurt fish then the answer is no. There will be nothing dangerous a glue gun can bring to your fish.
Ferdz - 4 years ago
It is safe to use in your aquarium, it is non-toxic . The only problem is that it may not last that long due to being exposed to water.

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