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Help ME! Newbie Starting A Saltwater Tank

posted by greg in Saltwater Fish

I want to try salt water. I have a 35 gallon that I could use, but is that to small or is that a good starter size. What kind of fish could I buy that would do well in a 35 gallon? Would I need a skimmer for the tank or would it be fine without it? I appreciate an help with saltwater because i've never done it.

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Martinsx - 5 years ago
Depending on the space you have available, the 35 gallon would be good if you are not looking at starting big. Keep it average and see how things goes, then you can decide on expanding your tank. Good luck.
paddygsound - 5 years ago
I certainly think it is better to start around the middle range. Sometimes getting your head around striking the right balance with everything can be a bit hard with the larger tanks in my opinion.
MomoStarr16 - 5 years ago
That was a huge amount of water already. You can try a lot of saltwater fish from that water. I think you may try clown fish. That is my favorite. Their color are so good to look at. Stress relieving mechanism.
fishbate - 5 years ago
Clown fish or Angel fish is a good starter in my opinion. They are highly recommended by other members here. In terms of space and population, it's wise to have more space for the fish than over populate the tank. This way maintenance is easy, you can add more fish as you gain more experience.
jaymish - 5 years ago
Hi, I'm also a newbie here. I am interested in keeping fish. I'm just starting so I'm consulting to find out what equipment I need. To add to this question I would love to find out what is the difference between a salt water and a fresh water tank? Between the two which is easier to maintain. I want something that will not take too much of my time because I'm really busy.
simply_juli3 - 5 years ago
I'm curious too. I've never tried having salt water for my aquarium. I mean, it never occurred to me because I don't know how I'll do it. How do you maintain the water and what are the do's and don'ts when keeping a salt water fish for a pet.
mark86 - 5 years ago
I think you must start by taking care of clown fish. This fish good and easy to pet.
Jelineex - 5 years ago
Saltwater fish are very attractive specie. It's very lively and colorful. I was interested to venture on saltwater before but they say it's prohibited. I learned it from the fish shop, they hide it from rest of the fish group. Plus, they get water in the middle of the sea. To have suitable temperature for the fish. I saw the plant where those clown fish love to stay and hide it was really beautiful. Clown fish, basslets and dottybacks are the one's displayed. Lovely for real.
NerdIndeed - 5 years ago
Nemo! A pair of clownfishes would be nice, although I would recommend making your tank a little bigger as to not make them sad by not having enough real estate for them to swim.
Camrey - 5 years ago
Clown fish are a relatively docile salt water species. But it'd be best if you pair them with a couple of living coral pieces as well. A 35-gallon tank is plenty of space if you mean to keep a small aquarium. Don't forget to check your water's conditions daily. Alkalinity can spike up at a moment's notice.

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