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posted by rooster in Welcome

Just joined, I guess I am the first one to post here! WoooHooo!

I have two tanks, one has Discus and the other has Angelfish...

Hope this turns into a cool community...

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TFAdmin - 2 years ago
Indeed you are the first! Welcome to the site and thanks for posting!
khanhtran123 - 2 years ago
Hello Rooster!!! Nice to meet you. Hope you can help me with building a fish tank
jeffreyjose48 - 1 year ago
Wow! That's nice of you. What happened now to your fishes? Are they doing great?
wallet - 1 year ago
Hi, welcome in our community, feel free to ask us anything because we are here to help each other.
NerdIndeed - 1 year ago
Hai Hai! It's nice meeting you. I'm new as well. See you around!
achikeziah - 1 year ago
Hello rooster! Congratulations for being the first person to post! I am happy to join this cool community too. See you around.

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