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posted by rooster in Welcome

Just joined, I guess I am the first one to post here! WoooHooo!

I have two tanks, one has Discus and the other has Angelfish...

Hope this turns into a cool community...

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TFAdmin - 4 years ago
Indeed you are the first! Welcome to the site and thanks for posting!
khanhtran123 - 3 years ago
Hello Rooster!!! Nice to meet you. Hope you can help me with building a fish tank
jeffreyjose48 - 3 years ago
Wow! That's nice of you. What happened now to your fishes? Are they doing great?
wallet - 3 years ago
Hi, welcome in our community, feel free to ask us anything because we are here to help each other.
NerdIndeed - 3 years ago
Hai Hai! It's nice meeting you. I'm new as well. See you around!
achikeziah - 3 years ago
Hello rooster! Congratulations for being the first person to post! I am happy to join this cool community too. See you around.
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Will Angelfish eat beefheart?

posted by rooster in Freshwater Fish

Hello, I have Discus... wondering if I can feed Angelfish beefheart... currently feeding the frozen bloodworms... thanks.

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TFAdmin - 4 years ago
Yes, Angelfish can eat beefheart, problem that I see is that beefheart mucks up the water too much... If you can find some live blackworms, Angelfish go nuts over them...

Frozen bloodworms work well, but live food, that really get's them excited and growing!