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Betta fish

posted by Russ in Freshwater Fish

Does anyone else here have betta fish? I have Groo who lives in a 20g tank with a few tetras and yoyo loaches. Some fish keepers look down on bettas but I think they are some of the most interested fish not only in looks but also their inquisitive and active behavior. They only thing I don;t like is fish with excessively large fins so they can't move around properly.

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khanhtran123 - 2 years ago
I actually nursed it before in a small container. It's better to keep them in the dark so they have a good color. Dont grow a lot together as they will fight each other. The one losing will have its color fading away
Martinsx - 2 years ago
Try as much as possible to get a bigger fish tank, from my experience with breeding fishes, they love having lots of space and freedom to swim about in the fish tank,
wallet - 2 years ago
I was a beginner and I bought 5 betta fish in a small aquarium, in the morning only two were alive, I didn't know they will fight until killing one each other.
Russ - 2 years ago
There is sometimes a bit of an "attitude" about betta fish, but I think they have some of the most interesting behavior and personalities of freshwater fish. Given enough room they are very inquisitive and active. And they do have a lot of interesting colors and forms--but I agree with OP that those with excessively long fins are effectively prevented from moving around normally and I don't like that.
Cupang - 1 year ago
I raised betta fish in the past as a hobby. They're easy to breed and crossing between types was a lot of fun.

Sadly, things came up and I couldn't find time to care for them anymore. I let the fishes go in a pond near my house. Maybe some of them are still thriving in there.
Camrey - 1 year ago
Bettas can be quite territorial, and may end up attacking each other if they're stressed or in too small of a tank, so I like to keep mine in bigger set-ups. I'm not sure if it works, but I stuck the picture of a really big fish against my aquarium overnight when my fish were getting used to the tank. Haven't had a fight happen between any of them since.

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