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Aquarium Plants.

posted by Arnorth in Freshwater Fish

What are good plants for a freshwater aquarium that I can get anywhere here in the Philippines? The plants in the store are so expensive and easy to die.

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Gilgamesh - 5 years ago
You shall gather some see weeds that are not have a huge size because it will make you fish at home and they will feel more comfortable. I am sorry that is the only suggestion that I know and I can give. Ughm, try Google and search for some plants that are cheap and exclusive in our backyards.
fishbate - 5 years ago
In my opinion java moss is one of the basic aquarium plants available in most shops. You can try searching for local stores or pet shops to check the availability. This type of plants grows and multiply fast with minimal maintenance so you need just a few to start.
MomoStarr16 - 5 years ago
It is really hard to maintain both plants and fish in the aquarium. Needs lot of focus and time for it. Fake plants may good but of course it may not make you happy. But some suggests Java fern and Java moss is good.
Martinsx - 5 years ago
You are very correct my friend, Java Moss and Java Fern are good plants to use for one's fresh water aquarium. They aren't too hard to maintain and they produce good amount of oxygen in the water for the fishes.
wallet - 5 years ago
Cabomba and Ceratopteris are the plants I have, Ceratopteris is surface water plants.
Martinsx - 5 years ago
I don't really live in Philippines, so it's going to be very hard for me to know exactly where to direct you to look for the kind of fresh water plants you need for your aquarium. I would have suggested getting some from the stores but you just mentioned about it being too expensive and still die out easily, so I'm not sure of what else to recommend for you.
jocelyn_v - 5 years ago
Plant is an essential for raising a fish. The best plant that i am going to recommend to you is hornwort. It is not fragile so you can just get it and plant it in your aquarium. Plus it is so easy to find and not that expensive.
Youngshark - 5 years ago
I suggest that you look for some sea weed plants. I know for a fact by seeing them being used in many tanks that they are awesome.
stbrians - 5 years ago
Most water plants are good for fish. Moss actually does well.
Martinsx - 5 years ago
I took out the time to research on the best plants to use for your fresh water aquarium, and below are the results that I came up with. So, look for the ones that you can find in your area and make use of them. They are ;

Java Fern.
Amazon Sword.
Crypt Wendtii.
Java Moss.
Anubais Nana.
Lilian - 5 years ago
Hi, I'm from Indonesia. Here, we have a very popular aquarium vegetative. We call it Java-moss. It's a beautiful moss that could cover your drift-wood easily. What I like the most about this plant is: no need to prune. Because it's so easy to grow, the shop or aquascape enthusiast usually will share it for free. Free. Small chunk of it could grow to a beautiful green landscape for your aquarium. If your driftwood shape is like a tree branches, Java-Moss will serve as leaves on a tree. If it's a cone shape, the Java-moss will make it like a cute green hill.
vinaya - 5 years ago
You can have some see weeds in your aquarium. You do not have to pay for the sea weed because you live in an island. However, unless you have a very large aquarium, I don't suggest you to use plants. Plants and fish both take a lot of oxygen and you need to maintain the oxygen level by constantly changing the water. It is a lot of work. Try artificial plants instead.
Arnorth - 5 years ago
I'm planning to try putting ferns that grow on rocks because they don't need too much sun light to live. Going to go on a hike on the mountains to search some plants.
Jelineex - 5 years ago
I prefer not to place live aquatic plant on aquarium because it's difficult to maintain it. You have to balance everything from oxygenation to temperature. Both plants and fish need extra care. It will be best to place a plant on ponds like water lily because you don't have to worry on sensitivity of the environment. The fish like to thrive in a bigger place with good plants.
RoseKaizer - 5 years ago
i suggest you look for seaweeds, it is good for your aquarium.
NerdIndeed - 5 years ago
Guys I would only like to ask: Is there a grass-type or other kinds of plants that are easy to grow that will grow like a carpet across the bottom of my tank? Thanks!
stbrians - 5 years ago
Just use the ordinary moss and algae. They are good for fish. They will do fine with the correct conditions
achikeziah - 5 years ago
Aquatic plants are used to give the freshwater aquarium a natural appearance, oxygenate the water, absorb ammonia, and provide habitat for fish, especially fry (babies) and for invertebrates. Some aquarium fish and invertebrates also eat live plants. Hobbyists use aquatic plants for aquascaping, of several aesthetic styles.
Cupang - 5 years ago
Some easy-to-find ones are Ludwigia repens, Bacopa monniere, Hygrophila angustifolia, and Hygrophila polysperma. Those four are quite affordable too. If you wish for a fancier plant, you may want to try the Aquatic cryptocoryne. It's pretty expensive, though.

Now, if your aquarium plants die easily, you should check the water parameters. Most water plants prefer a neutral pH level of 7-7.2. That said, some plants prefer an acidic or alkaline environment. It's best to get plants with similar pH requirements to keep things simple.
theresajane - 5 years ago
I have seen baby fern leaves on pet shops that sell aquarium fishes too. I forgot what the full name is.

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