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Aquarium fish for starters

posted by Lissiel in Freshwater Fish

What aquarium fish is easier to take care? I'm thinking to set have my own small aquarium. I want to keep fish as a pet since its easier to take care and it's less responsibility than dog and cat. I just need your recommendation. thank you

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TFAdmin - 2 years ago
Hi Lissiel, I started with guppies, they are small and relatively inexpensive to get started with. There are several colorful varieties and as live bearers, they are not too hard to reproduce. Back when I started I fed them simple flake food, a small tank should be just fine to get started.

fishbate - 2 years ago
The most common and easy to maintain are gold fish. I started with a batch of goldfish for starters. It turned out to be the fish for my training ground. Gold fishes are not so sensitive in water temperature, and water current. You just have to make sure that your tank is always clean and always maintained.
huggypillows - 2 years ago
You can start with figthing Fish. some other fish need oxygen and a big aquarium. But you can try gold fish It will be easy to feed them.
RhealaineS - 2 years ago
Usually, beginners starts with taking good care of goldfish. They are easy to maintain and requires less attention.
NesMarcos - 2 years ago
I started with Gold fish because they are easiest to take care of and they easily get along with other fishes, too. However, they poop a lot because they grow fast. Believe me, they also love chilling out!
Lissiel - 2 years ago
I think Goldfish is a good idea. I'm already thinking of Goldfish but of course, I wanna hear your suggestions guys if there are other fish that I can take care too. I'm really afraid to buy the expensive one, I'm not experienced to take care of fishes yet. I'm afraid that it will die. I'm also looking the groupies fish. Thank you for your suggestions guys.
Marako0406 - 2 years ago
Gold fish is really for starters as they are beautiful and easy to take care of just make sure one gets everything it needs to see them grow big and it's really entertaining as well to see them swim with their soft-like sheer fabric tail and fins. It is required to put them in a spacious fish tank and not in a fish bowl. Every fish needs to have enough space to swim around and play.
blackmist - 2 years ago
Gold fish. They are the most common for starters. Gold fish are not that hard to take care. Just feed them everyday and make sure that the aquarium is clean. Gold fish look cool and it's also a nice decoration of our house. Just add some live fern not the face one.
vinaya - 2 years ago
I started with goldfish. It was very easy to raise goldfish. Goldfish is also one of the species that is easy to maintain in an aquarium. One of the reasons why goldfish is easy to raise is because they are immune to various diseases. All you have to do is keep the water clean and feed time properly.
Cupang - 1 year ago
Do you like guppies? They're hard to kill so they make the perfect starter fish. They also come in various colors. The really pretty ones are expensive but if you shop around you can still find the reasonably-priced ones.

Bettas are excellent starters too. Fancy bettas are sold all around the world and don't take much of your time. Just make sure you don't put them in a tank that is too small. The recommended size is 2.6 gallon (9.6 liters). A big tank gives your fish plenty of room to swim around. It keeps them healthy and happy.

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