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Sponge or Central filter for fish room...

Going back and forth on this one, not sure if I should pipe everything into a central filter or just buy several sponge filters for my new breeding room setup...

I am in planning phase right now, so figured I would ask before I go and buy materials...

So far, the biggest con is outbreak of some bacteria using a central filter, but wouldn't that be the same if tanks are close together and the sponge filter is creating splashing bubbles that transfers from one tank to the next? or what about just hands or nets?

Anyhow, from a general water changing and filtration, I am leaning closer to a central filter, I think it would be cleaner and possibly a bit less noise...

BTW, this is for freshwater breeding, didn't see a freshwater equipment area, so posted here...

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wallet - 0 points - 9 months ago
What is the volume of your tank? I am using a sponge filter for a 100 liters tank and I am satisfied with it. It depends on the volume and the fish you want to keep in your aquarium.
TFAdmin - 1 point - 7 months ago
You could split the difference, use sponge filters for biological filtration and still use pipe on each tank to drain and refill for quick water changes...
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