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Setting up a new aquarium

posted by kinja90 in Welcome

Hello there! I'm a newbie here. I experienced setting up an aquarium before but that was a long time ago. I tried a Gold fish, molly and a sword tail before. Are these 3 okay to be in the same aquarium? What other fishes can I start aside from these 3? I stopped before since I also don't have enough time to maintain it. How often do you usually clean the aquarium? Do you have any tips if I start again? Like the maintenance, how much fish I can start and kinds of fishes that can be put in the same aquarium.

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TFAdmin - 1 year ago
Goldfish are coldwater fish 60F or less and Sword Tail and Molly are tropical water fish 70F to 80F requiring an aquarium heater for your tank if you live in a cold winter area.

Goldfish are pretty much all you keep in a coldwater tank...

With a tropical tank, you get a lot more variety of fish to choose from, like tetras, rasboras, angelfish and many more...

Depending on the size of your tank, hang on filters or canister filters can help keep your water clean for some time, with regular water changes you should be fine...

Start slow, give some thought to the type of fish you want to keep and feel free to ask any questions once you get closer to making your choice...

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