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posted by TFAdmin in Photography

Red Spotted Green Discus

Sharing a picture of some Red Spotted Green discus taken at Uncle Sam's Discus...

Man, I really wanted to take these guys home...

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Racky18 - 0 points - 9 months ago
Beautiful fishes they look so lovely if they can can be put in an aquarium.They should be displayed in a living room for the visitor to see them.When you see a creature like this it's so beautiful and you will felt good at the same time.
khanhtran123 - 0 points - 9 months ago
They look real nice. My grandpa has fishes similar to these but with blue color though.
wallet - 0 points - 7 months ago
These fish are the best looking to have in a fish tank, I had 8 blue ones but I had to sell them out because of my son, he is allergic.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 3 months ago
These fish for me are a stress reliever, you just sit down then watch them swim is very relaxing and they are beautiful too. I wish someday I could get one.
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