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posted by Martinsx in Welcome

Good day Administrator and Everyone.

I'm Martins and it's such a wonderful feeling to be a part of this community. I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time participating in all the activities and discussions about fish that would be brought up in the forum.

I love fishes quite well and fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. To seat down and stare across the calm water waiting for a catch is so relaxing and serves as a good time for reflection.

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khanhtran123 - 2 years ago
Hi Martin. Nice to meet you. Hope we can chat and talk about fishes. Have a good day
AzizSnake - 2 years ago
Hey there! I'm sure I'll learn many things from this forum, i love fishes and i'm interested about them, have a nice day all
Martinsx - 2 years ago
Definitely, I'm sure that I will enjoy my time being in this community of fish lovers. Remember, a good portion of the land is covered by water which means that we have more fish than we know of in this earth. So, getting to have a community where we can learn more about fishes is very interesting.
Bianca123 - 2 years ago
Hi Martin! I am also new to the tropical fish world. I have been snorkeling for years and have become so intrigued by all the different kinds of fish I see each time. There are many things to learn from not only the ocean but those species that inhabit it. Even if you do not own a fish tank, it can be very interesting to gain knowledge about common and uncommon tropical fish. This community seems quite knowledgeable about fish, fish tanks, different kinds of equipment, and mixing different kinds of fish so I am sure all questions will be answered!

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