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How often should you clean your canister filter?

posted by monika in Freshwater Tank Equipment


My name is Monika, I have a fluval 406 canister filter, I have had it on my 60 gallon tank since I bought it six months or so ago.

I am now wondering how often I should clean out the canister filter? Not really sure, any advice, anything I should know before I open it up? Like will it smell really bad?

My biggest fear is that it will spill all over the floor and stink up my apartment.

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Martinsx - 1 year ago
The most important thing to do is to observe how the color of the water changes. Once it's obvious that it's dirty, I recommend that you wash it immediately in order to prevent any form of infection.
NerdIndeed - 1 year ago
Best practice is at least during your 6th to 8th water change. That's just me though, so.
achikeziah - 1 year ago
This is the answer I have just learned on the frequency of cleaning the canister filter. Canister Filter – An enclosed type of filter, canister filters can go the longest between cleanings – they may only need to be cleaned every three to four months.
jpk0007 - 1 year ago
I think that cleaning the canister filter once every month will be the best practice. If you clean it after two or three months then it is likely that it will be much more filthy. On the other hand, if you clean it after every 15 days, then it will be a hassle and I don't think that you require to clean it at such a short interval.
theresajane - 1 year ago
Based on my personal experience, when I had a new canister filter, I checked it and it was like for 2 months it was still clean. You should constantly check it and maybe clean it at least every month.

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