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How often do you change your fish pond water?

posted by Martinsx in Freshwater Fish

Fishes do very well in clean water than dirty water because the clean water contains a good amount of oxygen that keeps the fish healthy.

If you can change your pond water every day, it's definitely going to be a good thing for the fishes but if you can't, changing it at least 3 times in a week would be appropriate.

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Camrey - 5 years ago
Depends on the set-up, I think. I change once a week but mostly because I have a good filter and a lot plants that can be affected by too many water changes. It's also difficult to get all the fishes out since they like to hide in crevices and nooks in the pond. I don't like stressing them out too much by disturbing them often.
dontbesokoi - 5 years ago
Changing it three times a week is too much, at that point you're putting your fish at risk due to the amount of stress that comes from changing the water. Also it depends on how big of a pond set up you have. I've got a 6ft x 3ft x 3ft pond and with that, I very rarely change the water due to it functioning like a natural pond. The more natural your set-up, the less often you'll need to change the water.

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