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Hi there!

posted by superman2727 in Welcome

Hello everyone, I am new to here and I hope that I learn enough with you all here about fishes and everything. Hope we can have some cool conversations and we enjoy our stay here!

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Im_a_morena - 2 years ago
I'm new here also and I'd love to communicate with everyone here.
cheelito - 2 years ago
hi to everyone I hope to have a good conversation to everyon
RoseKaizer - 2 years ago
Hello I am a newbie here also, hope to have a good conversation and learned to this forum.
wallet - 2 years ago
Hello, I am new here as well, I am Wallet and I am from Romania, having fish is a hobby for me and I hope I will learn new things from you!
khanhtran123 - 2 years ago
Hello. Nice to meet you. Please help me too
Chamz22 - 2 years ago
Hello to all, I am a new member also,nice to meet you all, I hope we can have cool conversations and learn a lot about this forum.

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