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Best fishes to put in an aquarium

posted by Chamz22 in Freshwater Fish

I am planning to buy an aquarium and I am wondering what are the best fish to put in my aquarium,any suggestions?

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bienn05 - 4 years ago
Try Gold Fish. It is great for beginners. Be sure to study first the nature of the fish and how to take care of it to prevent it from dying. Changing of water is crucial but Gold Fish is good for beginners.
clairmatin - 4 years ago
If you're a beginner and have little to no experience, then you should try a species that can endure hard conditions, so that they won't die from the first mistake you make. I would recommend you start with Neon Tetra. They're beautiful and very easy to care for.
jennyfermanuel - 4 years ago
I searched about Neon Tetra. They look beautiful, so this ones can endure hard conditions? I would love to have them as my first fish pet
Avada1234 - 4 years ago
Try Black Molly, it's great for beginners and it is a very peaceful freshwater fish! Depending on how much you will add in your tank though! Use Brackish water and check online guides about how to take care of them.
fishbate - 4 years ago
I agree, gold fish for beginners. They are very common and very easy to maintain, just as long you follow standard's in keeping your aquarium and fish healthy.
Russ - 4 years ago
I strongly disagree that goldfish are for beginners. They grow up to a foot long and produce a very high volume of poop for their size. Even fancy breeds grow to quite a large size and they come with the challenges of their more extreme body shapes and inbreeding. To keep even one goldfish you are looking at a 20 gallon tank. Goldfish are only for beginners if you expect them to die when they are still babies. Start with something that has a small adult size, is not highly water fouling, and is hardy. For example, guppies or tetras.
khanhtran123 - 4 years ago
I think you should start with gold fish. Everyone has had a good point
superlicca - 4 years ago
I suggest to get Guppies, they come in different beautiful colors. They also say that guppies can go over a week without food. You can also try Mollies. This kind of fish can survive both in saltwater and freshwater. They are friendly compared to other fish and should be fed once or twice a day.