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Help! Fish has swim bladder

My fish is swimming facing up I have isolated him in warm water with a bit of salt and given him peas but will not eat peas what can I do to cure his swim bladder??? Please help!!!!!

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TFAdmin - 1 point - 5 months ago
What kind of fish is it?

Raising water temperature, depending on the fish, to around 80-ish will help speed up metabolism... Adding the aquarium salt was a good choice and now you wait...

Feeding peas is recommended but not right away, if you have quarntined your fish, you may want to try API General Cure...

Along with aquarium salt and higher tank temperature, you have a chance of curing your fish...

Good luck!
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 3 months ago
You can try feeding her some (frozen) daphnia or artemia.
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