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Hello from Philippines

posted by Arnorth in Welcome

Hi guys. I'm new here. I hope I could share my opinions and I hope I could read yours too.

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TFAdmin - 3 years ago
Hello Arnoth, welcome to the forum!
mark86 - 3 years ago
Welcome, I am new here also from Pacific Island
parcen18 - 3 years ago
Hello there. I am from the Philippines too. Blessings to everyone. I am blessed to be part of this community and meet new friends. And I hope to learn and know more about fish and kind of fish in an aquarium, and what are the pros and cons of fish in an aquarium.
mark86 - 3 years ago
Welcome here. More knowledge and ideas to be learned here regarding the tropical fish. Do not hesitate to ask your questions and I am sure somebody here will reply immediately.
acetrop001 - 3 years ago
Hello I'm from the P.I. and I;m so glad to join this forum.
Jelineex - 3 years ago
Hello to everyone. I'm new to this forum. I love to know about fish. They're always attractive and relaxing. I hope that i can share my thoughts and learn from the experts. Happy Sunday to everyone. Enjoy from Jelineex. God bless.
Zelmontero - 3 years ago
Hi! I'm also from the Philippines. I grow near the sea and I develop my love to the fishes. I find them very appealing and sensitive. I will surely be enjoying this forum. We can learn to the experience of each other. Keep on sharing your experience on fish
NesMarcos - 3 years ago
Hello Arnorth, welcome to the forum! I would love to hear more of your opinions on the topic posted in our forum. See you around!
Ferdz - 3 years ago
From what part of the RP are you located? Bulacan here.
psywar - 3 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm from Philippines to. I don't have much experience about the fish but can some one suggest to me where part of the Philippines should I go when I want to see great fish and wonderful sea.
rlpzbeermoney - 3 years ago
Hello! I'm also from the Philippines. I hope to learn about aquariums and fishes as I plan on purchasing an aquarium as a hobby. I am intrigued about the pet fish culture and why people keep fish as pets.
MomoStarr16 - 3 years ago
Hi I am from the Philippines just like you. Just keep on posting those questions of yours and we are ready to answer or share our thought as long as I can. Hehe. Keep Safe and enjoy.
Gilgamesh - 3 years ago
Hello everyone? It'a my pleasure to meet you. I'm looking forward in building amd strengthening this community☺. I hope that I can contribute in some ways, I will do my best?God bless us all? We can do this as a community? I will help in nourishing this forum up to the point that it will contain a lot of valuable information.
stbrians - 3 years ago
Am new too and therefore we welcome each other. We have vast experience to share here and also receive from others. It is a two-way traffic. No man is an island.
zezar - 3 years ago
Hello, I'm from Philippines too. Hope you have a good day, welcome to the forum. This forum is one of the best forum that I visited yet. Hope you liked and enjoy being here.
Have a nice day ??
NesMarcos - 3 years ago
Hi Arnorth, I am also from the Philippines. Welcome to the forum! I hope we can share thoughts too in some posts. God bless!
mark86 - 3 years ago
Welcome at the forum. I am glad you found this amazing site.
jeffreyjose48 - 3 years ago
Hi too! I am from the Philippines too! It feels great to see a lot of people from our country joining here. I hope we will all have a good time interacting with each other here.
daisy - 3 years ago
Hello. Welcome here. Hope you will enjoy of joining with us?
jocelyn_v - 3 years ago
Hello i am also from philippines. I'm looking forward to hear your opinion. Im so excited to Share my knowldge about fish.
jerahmeeltayag - 3 years ago
Hello there! I am new here as well and I am your "Kababayan" , I hope to learn more about fishes and all about them. I always have been fascinated by large aquariums and different breeds of fishes. I hope that we enjoy our stay here.
jayjaydimson - 3 years ago
Hello I am Jay from the Philippines too. I am new here too and I hope I can share my thoughts freely here.
RoseKaizer - 3 years ago
hello welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy staying in our community.
NerdIndeed - 3 years ago
Hello, @arnorth I am new too. I do hope I get to learn a lot in here and get to meet like-minded individuals as well. See you around!
jpk0007 - 3 years ago
Hello, Arnorth I am jpk0007 and I am also new here. Hope to have good interactions here and learn from the old members on this forum.
stbrians - 3 years ago
You are welcome. You will really read our comments
stbrians - 3 years ago
You are welcome. In this forum we discuss fish and it is very enjoyable. People here are very welcoming.
achikeziah - 3 years ago
Hello arnorth! I am from the Philippines too. I hope to share my fish experiences here too.
takutufo09 - 3 years ago
Hi, I am from the Philippines too and new here. I am interested to know what kind of fish can live together in an aquarium. I hope I can get some ideas and apply it to my new aquarium.
drickxandrea - 3 years ago
Hello there! I'm also new here, hopefully I'll learn great stuffs. I want to know what your opinions are and I also do hope that if ever my opinion is kind of wrong please don't be shy to make it right. Great power to this site!
theresajane - 3 years ago
Hello, everyone! I'm also new to this forum. I hope that we could have fun sharing our own opinions and experiences with regards to different topics. Let's enjoy this.
NikSuks - 3 years ago
Hello my friends! I am a new guy here! I hope that you people are going to teach me more things about fish, in general, because I think that I lack something when it comes to fish, even though I possess certain knowledge!

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