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Saltwater Fish
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posted by marino in Saltwater Fish

Beginner saltwater reef tanks, bare bones...

I have been a freshwater tank guy all my life, but recently been really intrigued by starting a small reef / coral saltwater tank...

Keeping freshwater tanks is easy compared to the amount of equipment and water parameter requirements for salt water and coral keeping...

Just wondering if I am just starting out, what would the minimum list of equipment and supplies I would need to start my first saltwater tank? While I am at it, might as well ask the ideal starter tank size, I was thinking 10 gallon, but I might be way off...

Thanks in advance...

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Behappie - 0 points - 9 months ago
I would like to recommend Banggai cardinals, some clownfish, seahorses with benthic larvae, Bristletail filefish, Green wolf eels, Convict eel goby/blennies, Neon gobies and some dottybacks. These have very manageable rearing protocols and have short or no pelagic larval phase.
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