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Hello, I am new here! :D

posted by Avada1234 in Welcome

Hello everyone, glad to have joined this community! Trying to learn more about keeping freshwater fishes and taking care of them. Hope i'll get along with everyone! Please don't hesitate to contact me :)

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RhealaineS - 6 years ago
Hi! I'm also a newbie here. I'm here to learn about fishes. Hope to acquire a lot of useful information here
khanhtran123 - 6 years ago
Hi Avada! I am trying to have an aquarium with my dad soon. hope I can get a lot of info from the page also. Let's help each other out
marian0302 - 5 years ago
Hello! I'm a newbie also, I joined here because I want to know more on how to care the fishes properly. Before when I was younger, I have fishes and after how many days they died, maybe because the aquarium doesn't have oxygen?

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