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Flowerhorn cichlid

posted by daisy in Freshwater Fish Breeding

How to breed a Flowerhorn cichlid

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Sheester - 4 years ago
You will face different or multiple challenges if you will pursue a breeding with flowerhord cichlid. It is too agressive and for sure, the other breed will suffer to death or they will be fighting that will lead a fatal death whoever losses the fight.
wallet - 4 years ago
That is true, I have African cichlids and they are really aggressive with the other species no matter what species are, the small fish as neons or guppy was eaten by cichlids.
Behappie - 4 years ago
Well, I have had to breed them too and my experience wasn't so fantastic. Those species are too agitated and extremely aggressive.
daisy - 4 years ago
oh okay, thank you for that information I didn't mean it because I just starting to have a fish here in my house.
Jelineex - 4 years ago
t's a lovely specie yet so delicate. You must have enough knowledge to know whether those couples are compatible. If the female is ready for breeding. Or else, it will end up fighting. Plus, you need to consider the water condition, it should be at least in ph balance. I'm not good with the breeding behavior of flowerhorn cichlid. There's so much to learn on this kind of specie.

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