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Any recommendations on Saltwater fishes?

posted by Avada1234 in Saltwater Fish

I don't have any experience about Saltwater Fishes. Can someone recommend me decent ones to keep? Thanks a lot in advance! :D

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vinaya - 5 years ago
If you are a newbie and never raised saltwater fishes, you can try some of these. hese species are best for the newbies because they are easier to raise. Here are the varieties you can choose from:

Talbot's Damsel. ...
Firefish. ...
Chalk Bass. ...
Wrasses. Wrasses are a brightly colored species that enjoy burying themselves in the sand and hiding amongst the rock. ...
Dottyback. You'll know a Dottyback from the way they swim. ...
RhealaineS - 5 years ago
I think
clownfish will be a good choice. They are the easiest saltwater fish to keep in an aquarium. So I think it will be a good choice for a beginner.
acetrop001 - 5 years ago
There are actually some 10 best salt-water fishes for aquarium use and I recommend the famous Firefish. This fish has an awesomely unique body shape and the colors are light but attractive. Just follow the specs of your aquarium like its lighting, height, etc. so that the fish may not be in panic mode.
GuppyMan - 4 years ago
Hi! Before thinking about what kind of fish you should get, I would recommend taking a few things in consideration:
- The size of your aquarium.
- The fish's ideal habitat/living conditions.
- Compatibility between different types of fish.

My favorite salt water fish breeds are damselfish, coral beauty, mollies and green chromis.

I hope this helps!

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