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Review of the Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Aquarium

Are you looking for a unique and distinctive aquarium for your fish? If the answer is yes, then you should consider Fluval Edge 6 Gallon. This creative fish tank has become an ideal aquarium for many hobbyists over the years. The objective of this review is to present a comprehensive outline of the Fluval Edge Aquarium by discussing its essential features. Plus, we try to provide some vital guidelines and ideas on how to set up and maintain this aquarium.

Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black

The Design of Fluval Edge Aquarium:

The Fluval Edge Aquarium has a lustrous and distinctive design that perfectly complements contemporary settings. The six sides of this fish tank come are glass; as such, it provides an exceptional visual experience from all sides for the viewers. The black base of this fish tank substantially suits with the other parts such as the back panel and hood. The rear panel joins the base with the hood, and it conceals unsightly wires and other related equipment. Further, you can choose the color of the base. All these unique designs make this fish tank to stand out from others.

The Features and Details:

This aquarium comes with various essential features that perfectly suit the taste of modern environment. They are as follow:

LED Lighting System:

One of the crucial features of this fish tank attributes to powerful LED lighting system. The LED lighting system of this aquarium is straightforward and easy to control. The light system includes deep blue LEDs for the night and bright white LEDs for the day. With its three control switch, you can change the lighting system of this fish tank. It also features off mode that enables you to turn off the lighting system when not required.
Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black
These changeable lighting systems, along with filtration system, significantly enhance the appearance of the fish tank, thereby providing an idyllic planted aquarium.

Multi-Stage Filtration System:

Another essential feature that makes this aquarium stands out from others is its multi-stage filtration system. The filtration system hides behind the back panel; as such, it does not disturb the visual experience of the viewers. It generates a substantial amount of movement to ensure proper exchange of gases, required for the survival of your shrimps and fish. Moreover, it operates without creating any unfavorable sounds that can otherwise be unsuitable for all types of rooms.

The purpose of the filtration system is to purify the water. It performs its function through the following three stages:

Mechanical Stage: Under this stage, the filtration system traps any visible debris and particles with the help of a foam filter. However, you should manually remove those trapped wastes as they are visible to the naked eye.

Chemical Stage: In this stage, the filter absorbs harmful chemical substances that can potentially affect the health of your fish. The filter operates this stage with the help of a carbon insert.

Biological Stage: The biological stage is an essential step in the process of water filtration. This stage encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, which can help to eliminate toxic nitrite and ammonia.

Helpful tips to Set Up and Maintain:

The Fluval Edge aquarium comes with all the essential things, required for a typical freshwater fish tank. By following the instruction from the manufacturer, you can quickly assemble the tank without taking much time. Further, sliding the glass tank into the stand requires merely following a few steps. Moreover, this aquarium, with its removable cover allows you to access the inner space without any complications. Nevertheless, if you are planning to keep tropical fish, then you would need an aquarium heater with at least 25 watts of power. You can also opt for some gravel and other related kits to enhance the appearance of the fish tank.
Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black
During the initial period, your aquarium may experience certain spikes with nitrite and ammonia. The presence of these chemicals can have consequences on the overall health of your fish. However, you can help move along the tank cycling process with the help of Nutrafin cycle.

Another tip for maintaining your fish tank is with the use of specific cleaning tools. There is no doubt that your aquarium will require cleaning from time to time, which can be extremely challenging without proper cleaning tools. As such, we would like to recommend some cleaning tools such as Fluval Edge gravel cleaner and nano-magnet cleaner. These cleaners can efficiently reach any corners.

The Pros and Cons of the Fluval Edge:

Like any other products, this aquarium has its pros and cons as listed below:

This aquarium features a high-powered LED lighting system for both day and night.
The size of this fish tank is perfectly suitable for a varied location such as countertops, desks, and table, among others.
The operating system does not create any unpleasant noise.
It comes with a removable cover; as such, you can easily set up and maintain this aquarium.
This fish tank, with its six glass walls, provides an outstanding visual experience for the viewers.
It is an ultimate aquarium for several small aquatic animals such as tropical fish and shrimps.

The size of this fish tank is small; as such, it is not suitable for keeping a large number of aquatic species.
It requires the use of specific cleaning tools.
This fish tank is not ideal for fish that gulp air from the surface.

Appropriate Species for Fluval Edge 6 Gallon:

The capacity of the aquarium should complement the size of the fish. Note that the size of this fish tank is smaller than one might anticipate. As such, we would like to suggest some appropriate fish for this aquarium:

Shrimps: black bee, crystal red, and red cherry.
Rasboras: Harlequin Rasbora, Harlequin Rasbora.
Small Tetras: Neon Tetras and Black Neon.
More: Guppies, Kuhli Loaches, Snails, and small Cichlids are some other best options for this aquarium.

These are many more suitable species for Fluval Edge. However, opting for fish species such as Gourami and Betta will not be ideal for this aquarium as they require the surface for gulping air.

Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, the Fluval Edge, with its unique design, is one of the best nano aquariums that come with various essential features. No doubt, this fish tank has its downsides. But it is worth noting no aquarium is faultless. Besides, the pros of this fish tank significantly surpass its cons.

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