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Lifegard AF-92 Heater Module

If you have a mid-size to larger aquarium and like to keep your equipment organized, then the Lifegard Heater Module is right for you.

What is the Lifegard AF-92 Heater Module?

The Lifegard heater module is a container that fits a standard sized aquarium heater. Your canister filter outlet connects to the inlet of the heater module. The pressure created by your canister filter, swirls the water around the heater module. Warm water then comes out through the heater module outlet and goes into your tank.

Lifegard AF92 Heater ModulesSingle Capacity

If you have a mid-size to large aquarium, about 100 gallons max. If you are someone who likes to keep as much equipment out of your tank. Then the Lifegard Heater Module is a great addition to your aquarium equipment.

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Like an external UV light module, the Lifegard heater module goes under your aquarium cabinet. Neatly tucked away, keeping unsightly heaters out of your tank, making your fish and aquascaping the focal point of your tank.

Avoid the broken glass of cracking glass heaters or the burns on your fish or hands from titanium heaters in your tank. Keeping the heater in the Lifegard module ensures water is always passing around a heated element. So your fish tank stays warm even in the dead of winter.

Lifegard AF-92 Features

Consistent Heat: The winter season always makes keeping tropical fish difficult. Leave a window open or too close to a window and temperatures and can drop quickly. With an inline Lifegard heater module, water is constantly passes over and around the heater. Water temperature fluctuations can be more constant over the winter months.

Avoid Heater Burns: Ever stick your arm in your tank only to end up with a nasty heater burn? What about your fish? Notice any stripes burned onto their sides? Using a lifegard heater module takes the heater out of your tank and puts it away inside your aquarium cabinet.

Broken Glass Heaters: If you have had aquariums for some time, you have probably experienced a broken glass heater. Dangerous in many ways to you and your fish. Caused by temperature swings, usually from water changes, when cold water meets the hot heater. A broken glass heater can crack and leave you picking up the pieces, before your fish try to eat them.

With the lifegard heater module, you can avoid splashing cold water on your heater. Instead, the water during water changes goes into your tank, giving some time to mix in before heading to the heater.

Automatically Vents Air: The lifegard heater module is designed with a cool built in safety feature. If air should make it into your canister filter and pushed out to your heater module, the lifegard vents the air from the chamber for safe operation. So, when your canister filter burps, your heater module will too.

Inline Connections: The lifegard heater module comes with fittings for both PVC and hose connections. You can also connect other lifegard modules like the UV Sterilizer, Mechanical Filter and Chemical Filter. Keeping them all inline and out of sight.

Is the Lifegard Heater Module Right for You?

If you have a mid-size to large aquarium, about 100 gallons max. If you are someone who likes to keep as much equipment out of your tank. Then the Lifegard Heater Module is a great addition to your aquarium equipment.

Think about it, your water will always pass over a heater, instead of zone heating. No more center tank warm water while edge water gets colder in winter.

You gain future inline expansion options with Lifegard's other module options. If you need UV Sterilization, no problem. Need to add Chemical Filtration? Lifegard has you covered. Even a Mechanical Filtration module is available to keep your water super polished.

In the end your fish, plants and corals should be the focal point of your tank. Not wires and heaters, the Lifegard heater module gives you that. Storing your heater away under your tank in your aquarium cabinet eliminates dangling wires. No more hand, arm or fish burns.

Compared to other filtration and aquarium equipment, the out of pocket investment is small. The benefits of taking a heater out of your tank make the Lifegard heater module a no brainer. You will love the fact that your tank water stays warm and nobody will see the heater.

Make your aquarium less cluttered and make all that hard work you put in shine bit more. Add a Lifegard heater module and push your tank game up another level.

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