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Dainichi Koi Food Guide

We are what we eat, and this goes for koi fish too. Premium quality food with the correct balance of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates are a necessity to keep your koi fish healthy and beautiful.
Koi fish are the jewel of the pond and without feeding the right foods, you will not experience its beautiful colors or shape.

With so many brands of fish foods available on the market, you wish to buy the best koi food possible that is also affordable and high quality for your koi fish. This is where Dainichi koi food comes in the picture.

With years of experience in making the best koi foods, Dainichi koi foods are specially imported from Japan by top Niigata breeders who are experts in dealing with koi.

Dainichi Koi Color Intensifier Dainichi Koi Food Premium Dainichi Koi Growth Food
Dainichi KOI  COLOR INTENSIFIER 11 lb Bag  Medium Pellet Buy From Amazon Inochi Premium Pro Koi Food Medium Pellet 11 LB by Dainichi Buy From Amazon Dainichi KOI  GROWTHPLUS 11 lb Bag  Large Pellet Buy From Amazon
Formulated to intensify and bring out the colors of your Koi fish.When only the best will do, premium ingredients for overall health.Grow out your Koi fish to HUGE sizes using a special formula of high quality ingredients.
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What is special about Dainichi koi foods?

Dainichi koi foods are known to retain the nutritional potency of the vitamins and digestive enzymes in each pellet. With no fillers and the presence of active digestive enzymes, the digestion rate of koi will increase by up to 90%. This also ensures a healthier and cleaner pond water for the koi fish.

Calcium montmorillonite clay is present in all Dainichi foods. This clay is extremely helpful in the growth and digestion of the koi since it contains a total of 60 mineral compounds. The clay also works to neutralize the metabolic toxins and helps in maintaining a stable chemical make-up in artificial environments.

Dainichi koi foods contain spirulina and krill, which are highly proteinaceous ingredients. It is known for its high protein content in fish foods compared to any other brand available.

Is Dainichi koi food the right choice for your koi?

Definitely YES!! Dainichi koi foods make sure that your koi are fully taken care of from its growth to beauty. Dainichi koi foods come under a range of products that you can choose from depending on what you think your koi needs the most. Below is a breakdown of all the different kinds of foods and their special properties.

Dainichi Koi Color Intensifier

Dainichi KOI  COLOR INTENSIFIER 11 lb Bag  Medium Pellet

Are you looking to bring out the best colors of your Koi fish? Dainichi Koi Color Intensifier food is a special blend of quality ingredients that will have your Koi fish bright and colorful.

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The color intensifier koi food is one of the best koi color enhancing formulas available today. This is a fast color formula which ensures that the koi maintains its sheen and luster always. It does not contain any additives for color pigmentation which may change the color of your koi. The color enhancers are encapsulated in their raw and uncooked state, thus making them highly potent. Some of the important ingredients added in this food are:

Vitamin mix

The presence of Vitamin C and E in the food ensures that the koi retains its sheen and luster of its skin and its white color always.


The presence of garlic along with raw, potent and active digestive enzymes ensures that the koi is free from all parasites and remain healthy.

Wheat germ

This is a great source of vitamins E and B

Dainichi Koi Food Premium

Inochi Premium Pro Koi Food Medium Pellet 11 LB by Dainichi

When only the best will do for your Koi fish. The best of the best, super high-quality koi fish food for great health, growth and vibrant color. Dainichi did not hold back, they formulated very special food for your koi fish.

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The premium koi food will give your koi a perfect balance of color and growth. This high-performance formula is a favorite among most hobbyists and breeders all around the globe. This formula can be either given alone or together with other types of koi foods. Some of its ingredients are:

5 sources of protein

This koi food features a total of 5 sources of protein from shrimp, krill, spirulina, and others. These make it highly proteinaceous food.

Calcium montmorillonite clay

The presence of this clay helps in neutralizing metabolic toxins and ensures natural ingestion of minerals.

Vitamin C and E

These two vitamins help in maintaining the luster and sheen of koi.

Dainichi Koi Growth Plus Food

Dainichi KOI  GROWTHPLUS 11 lb Bag  Large Pellet

Want to grow out your Koi fish? Dainichi uses only the best premium ingredients that provide maximum growth and superior results. Grow your fish out knowing you are feeding them the highest quality food for maximum growth.

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This special growth formula by Dainichi guarantees superior body formation and optimum growth of koi. A natural mechanism of koi is to expend maximum nutrients from food on growth when they don't expend their energy on color. This formula exploits this mechanism and ensures that no color enhancers are added that may impair the koi's growth. Some of its important ingredients are:

Whitefish meal

This ingredient ensures that your koi reaches its maximum growth and size.


Garlic helps in eliminating any parasites in your koi and keeps them healthy.

Wheat germ

This is a good source of vitamin E and B.

Dainichi All-Season Koi Food

Dainichi All Season Koi Fish Food  11 lbs Medium Pellet

Dainichi created an ultra-premium food that you can feed your koi fish all year-round. Formulated to meet feeding standards in all seasons, your koi fish will be maximizing their nutrition and experiencing rapid growth.

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This food formula is great to be consumed by your koi all year round. The presence of proteins from both marine animals and vegetables give the koi dual benefits. The vegetable ingredients help in easy digestion in all temperatures while the marine proteins help in the rapid growth of the koi.
This food can be given together with other Dainichi koi foods. It is best consumed during cooler temperatures when the metabolism of koi is slow. Some of the important ingredients are:

Soybean meal

Gives the required proteins and ensures easy and quick digestion at all temperatures.

Spirulina vitamin mix

The mixture of spirulina with vitamins C and E ensure that the white color and the luster and sheen of the koi are maintained always.

What ingredients are added in Dainichi Koi Foods?

Dainichi koi foods believe in adding no fillers or any artificial additives that can harm the health of your koi. All ingredients are tested and chosen to ensure optimum growth, health, and beauty of your koi.

Below are a few of the most important ingredients used in Dainichi koi foods:

Calcium montmorillonite clay

This clay is a special ingredient added in all Dainichi koi foods because of its action rejuvenating the sensitive digestive tract of koi and for maximum absorption of minerals.


Garlic is added to ensure that the koi is free from all parasites and stay healthy.

Spirulina and Krill

These are the best source of proteins and helps in maximum growth of the koi fish.

Final Thoughts

Dainichi Koi foods are one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins for maximizing the growth and maintaining the beauty of your koi. These foods are the top choice among the Japanese breeders and hobbyists due to their quality and performance. They are delicious and are easily digestible foods. These foods will give you the best combination of price, quality, and performance.

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