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Best Rimless Aquarium Fish Tanks for Freshwater, Saltwater and Reef Tanks

Many aquarists prefer an aquarium for its decorative aspects. It not only keeps your fish happy but adds to the beauty of your home as well. You will be familiar with the traditional aquarium (also known as a braced aquarium) and might have one at home already. It is a small tank with transparent sides and some kind of bracing support (wooden or plastic) along the edges, top, and bottom. This type of aquarium has been in use for a long time. Back then, there was no other choice, but the case is different now and a rimless fish tank can be a great choice.

best rimless fish tank aquariums

The simple approach makes everything looks modern and clean. With this in mind, you could do away with all the unnecessary designs, including your old-styled aquarium. If you like clean aesthetics and desire an aquarium that is pleasant to look at, the best choice for this purpose will be a rimless aquarium.

Our Top Choices for Rimless Aquarium Fish Tanks

We took feature as well as a size approach to selecting the best rimless aquarium fish tanks. Starting with the smallest at ten gallons, perfect for your desktop or countertop. Then on to a mid-size tank for those looking to keep a slightly larger tank. Then finally a large 50-gallon cube with a stand and built-in filtration that includes a protein skimmer for larger reef keepers.

1. JBJ Rimless Desktop 10 Gallon Aquarium with LED Lights

JBJ Rimless Desktop 10 Gallon Flat Panel Aquarium wLED Light RL10FP

JBJ is a well known and reputable company who has designed a wonder 10-gallon rimless aquarium.

Built-in filter chambers and LED lights makes this fish tank a perfect choice for a desktop or counter. Experienced fish keepers know and trust JBJ to make high-quality products for aquarium hobbyist. Filter chambers will make keeping your tank clean much easier, plus the LED lights will help illuminate your reef or planted tank.

2. Landen 21 Gallon Rimless Fish Tank

Landen 45P 214 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank Salt Water Tank Sea Water Tank 1772 L  1772 W  1575 H 45cm x 45cm x 40cm 6mm Thickness 901002

Built-in filter chambers with the clean lines and clarity of a rimless fish tank make this a great fish tank for starters.

Simple and elegant with functionality built in, make this fish tank a perfect starter rimless tank. If this is your first rimless aquarium, you will appreciate the built-in filter chambers enabling you to keep your tank water clean without much fuss. You can also neatly tuck away a heater to keep your water warm and keep the heater out of site. On the larger side, perfect for a planted or larger reef tank.

3. SCA 50 Gallon Rimless Glass Aquarium Fish Tank

SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package 24x24x20 10mm

Incredible package that includes a black or white stand of your choice, protein skimmer, built in filtration with overflow box and much more.

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If you are looking for a larger rimless fish tank, take a look at this 50-gallon rimless aquarium with many features. Built-in overflow filtration chambers give you an enormous advantage of keeping your water clean without unsightly hoses in your tank. Included is a protein skimmer for reef keepers. You have a choice of black or white stand to support this centerpiece show tank, displaying your very best fish, reef or planted tank.

What Is a Rimless Aquarium?

A rimless aquarium is without a rim on the top and along the edges. It is also without a lid, which leaves the top open, giving easy access to water for maintenance and taking care of fish. The rimless aquarium is becoming the go-to choice of aquarists these days because of its clarity and durability. A high-quality glass is used in its manufacture, which makes it a favorite of aquarists around the world.

Benefits of a Rimless Aquarium

Rimless aquariums have a lot of upside, below we go through several benefits of a rimless fish tank. Keep in mind that most fish keepers use a rimless fish tank as a display, so picture it in your home as the showpiece to share with your family and guests.

1. Lots of Clear Glass

The use of high purity glass makes the aesthetic appeal undeniable. It utilizes low-iron glass, which reduces the green tint. A superior glass is used to give you the best visibility to really showcase your fish and planted tank.

2. Strong Construction

Rimless aquariums are made of thick glass and silicone to be able to hold the weight without any bracing. Many rimless aquariums are made of acrylic, which makes them durable and sturdy. They are designed to be strong and can stand without any additional wooden or plastic support around the edges.

3. No Visual Obstructions

The unibody design gives it a slick and pleasant look. The water line is visible along all sides, which gives a more natural look rather than the artificial one of the traditional aquarium. There is no obstruction inside and outside the aquarium panel. You can focus on the fauna and aquatic plants without diverting the attention to the details of the aquarium.

4. Glass or Acrylic

These tanks are made with different types of glass and acrylic, they also come in different sizes with additional features. Hence, you won’t have limited options and can choose according to your wish.

5. Freshwater and Saltwater

Rimless aquariums were originally used and designed for saltwater reefs but can be used for freshwater aquatics as well. The great visibility a rimless aquarium provides makes it perfect for a reef tank and planted tanks.

6. No Lids or Canopy Tops

The top does not have a lid giving you easy access for cleaning and feeding. If that’s not what you are looking for, there are some designs that come with a lid as well. Larger fish who jump are probably not suited for rimless aquariums without tops.

Drawbacks of a Rimless Aquarium

Everything comes with its pros and cons; the rimless aquarium also has a few drawbacks along with its benefits.

One big disadvantage of the rimless aquarium (which is also its advantage, depending on how you look at it) is the absence of a lid. Debris can fall in the water and pollute it, which can become a huge eyesore. Imagine if you have a cat and giving it complete access from the top to dip its paw in. Also, fish have been known to jump clear out of fish tanks. If your fish is very active and jumpy, you might wake up and find it lying on the floor.

The absence of the lid also proves to be disadvantageous for installing the filter. The traditional
aquarium has a rim and lid, which allows the filters to be mounted. The rimless aquarium lacks such an attribute, which makes your task a little tedious if you have no previous experience with keeping fish. Some newer rimless tanks have built-in filtration to solve for this, so make sure buy the right tank for your needs.

The absence of plastic rims might prove to be troublesome at times. The water lining looks appealing, but if you fail to maintain it, the discoloring can become distracting because there will be no black or wooden rims to hide it.

Furthermore, rimless aquariums use thick glass, but they cannot handle too much water weight. They are not braced with a lining, which limits the weight it can hold. If you need to keep a lot of fish, you will need a much bigger rimless aquarium which can hold a lot of water. It ends up being quite expensive because of the high-quality glass used.

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Rimless Aquarium

A rimless aquarium is ideal for those who value aesthetics and have experience with owning an
aquarium. Even if you don’t have any experience, it can prove to be a good choice if you know how to go about things.

Before you decide to buy a rimless aquarium, you must keep in mind these factors. If you are an experienced aquarist, this won’t be news to you, but if you are a beginner, you should read these points carefully:

1. No Lids

A rimless fish tank comes without a lid, so water can spill. Hence, you need to be sure you can deal with it and can be patient with water spills.

2. Watch for Falling Objects

You need to keep the tank clean by making sure nothing falls inside. No lid means anything can fall in, pets, books or other can become a tank decoration if you are not careful in your placement planning.

3. No Filter, Heater, and Lights

These aquariums don’t usually come with pre-installed features (such as filter, heater, and
lights). A few offer these additional services, but make sure you know how to install such

4. Salt Creep

If you are keeping a reef, you will have to deal with the salt creeps and if you are keeping fresh aquatics, you need to look out for water sloshing.

5. Regular Water Changes

The water line might give your rimless tank a more natural look, but if you are not good with
routine maintenance, it can become an eyesore.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a rimless aquarium is an excellent choice to have. Its simplicity and elegance are making it popular. That is why more and more fish keepers prefer a rimless aquarium over a traditional one. The simpler the design, the better looking it will be with more clarity, durability, and elegance.
The aesthetic appeal alone will make you buy one for your fish. The modern design makes for a
delightful tank for your fish to flourish in. It is an excellent choice especially for keeping a reef since it can be seen without any obstructions from every side.

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