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Best Desktop Aquarium Fish Tanks

A desktop aquarium serves as an ideal decor for offices. It adds a natural beauty into any offices as well as it helps in relaxing your mind and relieves the stress and tensions you feel during work hours.

best desktop fish tank aquarium

So if you are fascinated by the beauty of having an aquatic scene right in your workplace or home, you can purchase a top model desktop aquarium which will best suit your budget as well as your unique needs.

Here are detailed reviews on some of the best desktop aquariums that we have rounded up so you can add a little aquatic beauty to your room or office.

Fluval edge desktop aquarium:

It has a unique architectural style that stands out from its competitors. It is designed to complement many modern decors, and one can expect the visual effect to capture the attention and emotion the moment you look at it.

Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black

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It features standard LED lighting effects like daytime and moonlight settings. It features a water conditioner and natural aquarium components. It includes an efficient filtration system and you need to clean the tank only after every three months.

The design looks remarkable.
The lighting system is exceptional.
The filter system is highly efficient which makes the maintenance much more comfortable.
The low maintenance makes this an excellent choice for first-timers.

The top opening may be small.

Marineland contour glass desktop aquarium:

It is one of the most popular US fish tank from Marineland. It serves as an ideal habitat for your fish and makes an excellent centerpiece for your room or office desks. It is sleek and stylish in design.

Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

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The one cool feature of this tank is the exceptional LED lightings that allow you to create beautiful day and night lighting effects giving your fish tank a bright glow. The three stage filtration system contains a cartridge that cleans the tank and screens the debris itself. It has two power cords- one for the pump and one for the lights giving some flexibility for setting up a timer on the lights. The glass cover provides a space for feeding the fish.

Unlike the other aquariums, you do not have to worry about parts breaking down as the build quality is excellent.
The pump is relatively quiet and the flow of the filter pump can be easily adjusted.
The tank is small, convenient and incredibly easy to use and set up.
The design is quite modern and sleek.
The glass is curved, and the glass cover is of high quality.

Does not come with a heater or temperature control
The plastic cover on the back panel is a bit flimsy and brittle

Tetracube desktop aquarium:

It is a perfect aquarium for kitchens, dorms, offices, and classrooms which can change the appearance of an entire room. It fits almost everywhere because of its size. It is sleek and seamless and is transparent as glass.

Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base

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It provides a unique and exciting view of the fish and their natural habitat. The aquarium is authentic plastic-made and can resist cracking or shattering. It includes a three filter, a pedestal base, LED light, a low voltage power adaptor and comes with a setup guide

The design of the fish tank is modern and stylish
It comes with an LED light that beautifully lights up the aquarium.
It has a convenient feeding hole.
It is portable and made of scratch resistant plastic.
It is low maintenance.

No heater so you will have to purchase one.
The filter pump is loud which irritates and stresses the betta.

Marina LED desktop aquarium

This kit comes in big and small gallon sizes, but nano aquarium fans will surely go for its 5-gallon version which will perfectly fit or look grand on your desk. It has a simple rectangular shape intensified with a neon bulb that brightens your aquarium without disturbing your betta fish.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit 10 Gallon

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It includes a filter in the back compartment of the aquarium. This filter can easily adjust the flow rates and provides a haven for your fish. The kit also includes an LED lighting module, an aquarium care guide for setup and maintenance, and even a net.

It is a simple and ideal fish tank for first-timers
The care guide is beneficial for setup and maintenance.
It is relatively quiet.

To maximize aesthetics, you will have to buy the rocks and the other decorative items.
It takes a good deal of effort to maintain.

biOrb Classic 15 Desktop aquarium:

This beautiful 4-gallon desktop aquarium resembles a traditional fishbowl and makes a perfect décor for your office desk and works wonderfully as a stress relief. Just add a betta fish and conditioned water and you are good to go.

biOrb CLASSIC 15 Aquarium with LED Light  4 Gallon Silver

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This acrylic made desktop aquarium is ten times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and 93% clearer. It requires less maintenance as the five filtration system works efficiently in keeping your fish tank clean. All you need is to change the water every two weeks and replace the cartridge filter every six weeks. The aquarium filter is located in the back compartment and is relatively quiet.

It is acrylic made and long lasting.
It has a powerful 5 stage filtration system; Biological, Mechanical, Oxygenation, Chemical, and Water stabilization.
It can operate on low voltage.
It features a standard and energy efficient LED lightings.

It can be expensive to replace the filter every six weeks.

Our top picks:

So these are our reviews for the five top recommended desktop aquariums for your office. These desktop aquariums are worth your investment, and you will be pleased to see it looks amazingly good on your office desk. Our top pick is the Marineland Contour Glass desktop aquarium. We like its remarkable architectural style, and the standard LED lightings effects. This desktop aquarium will make an excellent décor for your office. If you are a first timer, this is the right desktop aquarium for you as it does not require much maintenance.

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