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Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquarium Kits

Looking to get started with fish keeping but don't have a lot of space? A 5-gallon fish tank will provide the basic setup to start owning and keeping your favorite fish without taking up an entire wall or room in your home. Most 5 gallon fish tanks come with good filtration and lighting options now. This gives you the perfect deal while also helping you get started in keeping attractive pet fish.

Here are our picks for the best five-gallon fish tanks aquarium kits...

Marineland Portrait 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Aquarium Kit Marina 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit
Our Pick
Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit 5Gallon w Hidden Filter Buy From Amazon
Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black Buy From Amazon Marina LED Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon Buy From Amazon
Tall tank, clear front and side views, built-in filtration and LED lights.Simple and zen like design, powerful filtration and LED lightsBasic 5 gallon aquarium fish tank with LED lights and HOB filter.
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Marineland Five-Gallon Portrait Aquarium Kit

This tank is built with a curved glass body. It features a uniquely framed glass overhead with sliding accessibility that makes way for easy feeding of food and cleaning purposes. Its size and appearance come ready for organizing a pleasing aquascape with driftwood and other aquatic essentials. It also comes with an assembled kit which is easy for set up. Maintenance is also easy due to it being on the smaller side.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit 5Gallon w Hidden Filter

The Marineland 5 gallon tank comes with the LED lights of both white and blue, LEDs that provide various effects such as shimmering or moonlight glow ( night time mode ). One extra feature is its in-built 3 stage filtration system that helps keep your water clean and polished. Your tank also comes with a flow adjustment for fish who like less water turbulence.


Tank: Five-gallon curved glass aquarium
Dimensions: 11.8″ Length x 11.8″ Width x 16.8″ Height
Lighting: An attached LED light with special lighting effects of daylight, moonlight, and off settings.
Filtration: Back panel filtration that has adjustable water flow filter pump
Cartridge: Marineland Bio-Foam filter pads and Rite-Size Z Cartridge.

The glass built body gives an attractive view.
The adjustable flow of the filtration system.
LED lights with different modes feature.

Hard to clean the inside back panel of the filter system.

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank

If you are a fish lover but has space constraint, then this tank is most suited for office desks, small corners and such. It comes with a unique full view enabled the feature. It also has a Hang-on-Back (HOBs) filter with a multi-stage filtration system. It comes attached with 21 LED bulbs with special lighting settings.

Fluval Edge 6Gallon Aquarium with 21LED Light Black


Tank: Six-gallon glass view aquarium
Dimensions: 17″ Width x 14.3″ Deep x 13.7″ Height
Colors availability: In Black, Silver and White colors.
Lighting : LED bulbs-21 nos : 7600K in 18 nos. white and deep blue bulbs in 3 nos. along with three switches.
Filter: powered Fluval filter with Cycleguard

Appealing design.
First-rate filtration System
Impressive lighting system.

Open space availability is too small for gas exchange.
Not suitable for Betta fishes.

Marina LED 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Ideally, fit for beginners, this is also one of the most preferred choices by most buyers. It comes with a Hang-On-Back (HOBs) filter with the necessary fitting kit in the packaging. Filter cartridges present in the tank provides a healthy environment for the fishes. Also, LED lights built in the canopy offers good lighting and enhances the beauty of the tank from all areas.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon

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Tank: Five-gallon good quality glass built an aquarium.
Dimensions: 16″ Length x 8.5″Width x 10.5″ Height
Filtration: Marina Slim S Ten attached filter holder and easy to replace filter cartridges.
Lighting: LED light fixed in the canopy gives a natural lighting effect.
Additives: Fish food, aquarium water conditioner, biological aquarium feeds, aquarium guide, and a fishing net.

Large space for gas exchange.
Hang-on-backs (HOBs) filter produces lesser noise.
Adjustable filter flow rate.
Bright LED light suitable for plant growth.

Blue light (Night Mode) features not included in this kit.

Fluval Spec V - 5 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

Built-in powered and advanced filtration system and lighting, this tank is specifically designed for small spaces. Its powerful filtration pump located side of tank serves to provide the excellent water flow of water and maximizes the views of the tank. With these features, and trusted brand name Fluval, the Spec V is an easy top choice for a 5 gallon tank.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 5Gallon Black

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Tank: Five-gallon glass tank. Aluminum coated trim.
Dimensions: 17.2″x 6.3″ x 10.6″( LWH)
Lighting: Over-hanging 37 LED ligthing lamps.
Filter: Powerful inbuilt filtration system and circulation pump.
Filter Media: Rectangular foam block, activated carbon filtration and Fluval BioMax bio rings.

Perfect edged dimension for countertops, desktop setups.
Firm aluminum trims.
LED lights useful for rapid plant growth.
Powered with a Step -by- step filtering process.
The multiway output flow of water.

Odd covering design.

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

Made uniquely with its curved glass corners offers great views of your fish for visitors and decor purposes at home. The lid has flexible hinges making it accessible for cleaning and setting up. It is equipped with an LED clip-on lamp with protective coverings. It also features an internal cascade water filter and adjustable output flow of water.

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit Filter LED Light Float Glass for Maximum Viewing 5 Gallon


Tank: Five-gallon glass tank with curved corners.
Dimensions: 13.75″ Length x 8.75″ Width x 11″ Height
Light: LED featured lighting
Filtration: Internal filter of CIFI Cascade

Glass built with durability.
Dimensionally accurate for fish keeping.

A small internal filter.

Tetra Crescent five- gallon acrylic aquarium kit

This kit is manufactured by World’s leading aquarium hobbyist company- Tetra® USA. It is an acrylic aquarium kit suitable for those who don’t prefer glass tanks. Its acrylic stylish look enlightens the whole mood of the room. It comes with a plastic lid in hinge style allowing setup to be easily achieved and maintenance also comes with no extra effort.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit Energy Efficient LEDs 5Gallon

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Tank: 5 -gallon acrylic aquarium with a seamless modern look
Dimensions: 16.6″ Length x 11.2″ Wide x 13.2″ Height
Lighting: captivating LEDs with bright lighting
Filtration: Packaged with Tetra Whisper® internal filter and cartridge.

Strong built acrylic tank.
A compact design fit for small spaces.

Unclear lid top.
Inefficient filter system.

GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit with Blue LED Lights

GloFish 5 gallon tank is a clear cut plastic aquarium kit perfectly well designed to keep GloFish species. Efficient filtration system and blue LED lights included in this kit make it all the more suitable for the GloFish. If you want something different, GloFish definitely will turn heads. Amazing value those who are looking for something a bit different.

GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED light 5Gallon

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Tank: 5 gallon acrylic aquarium designed with a curved front and a plastic canopy.
Dimensions: 15″ Wide x 9″ Deep x 14.5″ Height
Lighting: Overhead LED light with a detachable feature.
Filtration: Whisper Bio-Bag replacement cartridge and Whisper internal filtration.

Strongly built acrylic finish tank.
Blue color LED light best suits fishes like GloFish.
Portability of design for small corners.

Unclear lid top.

Koller Panaview aquarium kit with LED lighting
This tank comes with a strong built and firm acrylic material. It is designed with around edges and a flat back making it more durable than other tanks. It also features a black colored canopy lid with surrounding colorful LED lights. It includes a Superclean Ten power filter internally fixed that works with Bio-Chem Zorb Ten filter cartridge.

Koller Products Panaview 5 gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting  Power Filter  AP15005FFP

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Tank: Five-gallon acrylic fish tank
Dimensions: 14.2″ Length x 10″ Width x 11.5″ Height
Light: Hood attached LED lighting with 7 variant colors.
Filtration: Superclean Ten internally built aquarium power filter and cartridge.

Sleek attractive design.
Clear acrylic makes way for unobstructed viewing.
Easy handling and usage.

A very basic system, not sure this is a con, but nothing advanced here, just a basic 5 gallon tank.

Final Thoughts...

A great way for beginners to stock your newly bought fish tank with fishes, it is always advisable to start with a small number of fishes, thereafter you can keep adding over time. A five-gallon fish tank is best suited to house small fishes like cory catfish, male betta and so on. An important tip is to ensure proper water chemistry of water in the tank for the safety and healthy environment for your pet fishes.

Setting up a fish tank will require you to follow the given guidelines in the packaging. One should also make sure to gather all necessary equipment for the easy and safe installation of the aquarium. Essential list for setting up an aquarium:

  • Glass or acrylic fish tank with cover.
  • Aquarium stand or sometimes a table will do.
  • Proper LED lighting.
  • A good mixture of a planted substrate with gravel or sand.
  • Proper filter installed internal or external.
  • For tropical fish, an aquarium heater and thermometer.
  • For best and long-lasting results, quarterly or yearly replacement of filter media.

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