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Quietest ( almost silent ) Aquarium Air Pumps

Anyone who owns an aquarium, knows that the sound of the air pumps can be annoying.


quiet aquarium air pump

Problem is we need air pumps to help with essential oxygen exchange so your fish can breathe, plus they do add some life and movement to beautify the aquarium. They are also great for powering sponge filters to keep water clean and let's not forget that air pumps also help that plastic scuba diver go up and down.

So we can't really do without an air pump, but do they have to make so much noise? The answer is no, if you know which air pumps to buy, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise and enjoy the trickle of water from your fish tank versus the vibration of your air pump.

Top Picks for Quietest Air Pumps

Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Ultra Silent

Driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate, this air pump is small and silent! With no shaft or noisy motor, you can drive enough air for a small to mid-size tank with no worries or annoying noise.

Mylivell Aquarium Air Pump Ultra Silent High Energy Saving Oxygen Air Pump Aquarium for Fish Tank with Air Stone and Silicone Tube White Black

Tetra Whisper Air Pump with Minimal Noise and Maximum Air Flow

Tetra, one of the most trusted brands in the tropical fish hobby has introduced an air pump with a new quieter design. Unline the Mylivell, Tetra still uses the traditional air pump motor encased in a sound dampening dome. Powerful enough for a small to mid-size tank, tetra's dome design keeps things quieter than usual.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump For 20 to 40 Gallon Aquariums

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Hygger Quiet High Output 10W Aquarium Air Pump

Looking for more power but without the noise? Hygger created a super quiet bearingless motor driven air pump, it works through magnetic bearings, minimizing vibration and noise. Strong enough to use in fish tanks up to 600 gallons in size, with noise levels less than 35db.

Hygger Quiet High Output 10W Aquarium Air Pump Premium Oxygen Pump Air Aerator Pump for Fish Tank 30600 Gallon 2 Air Outlets 4mm 250GPH 100120V 003MPa Black

What does an Aquarium Air Pump do?

That small little air pump is essential to the well being of your aquarium and fish. Plus it can also drive filters and cool little decorations you choose for your fish tank. But below is a quick list of important functions an aquarium air pump performs.

Generates Oxygen in the Water

Even though oxygen exchange can occur in your fish tank, adding a quiet air pump will force oxygen into the water of your fish tank. Many products are specifically designed to improve the quality of oxygen produced through the air pumps.

Cleans the Water

Stillwater makes it easier for bacteria, food, and waste to build up in the water. When you install a quiet air pump, it keeps the water moving. The quietest aquarium air pumps dissipate air bubble that creates slow vibrations and waves that prevents waste from settling in the water and keeps the things, even microscopic ones, moving.

Water Movement

As stated earlier, aquarium air pumps add some movement to the water by blowing air into the water. The slow motion of the water imitates natural water bodies which enhance the well-being of the habitats and the fish.

Enhance the Appearance of the Aquarium

You can get pretty fancy with air pumps, you can use a wide bubble bar or a sunken pirate ship. It's really up to you and the vision you have for your fish tank. Air pumps power air stones, filters and decorative features in your fish tank.

How to pick the right Air Pump for your Fish Tank?

There are numerous brands that market aquarium air pumps with a variety of designs to choose from. There are some that feature large air bubbles while others are designed to blow out tiny bubbles. While some blow out bubbles continuously, other design features a frequency control. All these features are made specifically to reduce external disturbance and enhance the quality of the
water n the well being of the fish.

So the main feature that you should be looking for when buying an aquarium air pump is whether it is quiet or noisy and how durable it is going to be. You will also have to check on the size of the aquarium and the number of habitats that will be in the aquarium.

Choosing the quietest aquarium air pump is going to be hard as well because of the number of choices available. So here are some of the things you can consider to narrow down your options:

Tank Size

If you have a large tank, you will need an air pump that is strong enough to pump air bubbles throughout the tank at once. You will need to do a size rating if you are installing an air pump under the gravel because if it is too strong, it will blow the gravel away and create a hallowed spot on the floor of the tank. You will also have to find out if the air pump is efficient and adjustable to your needs.

Decorations and Accessories

Before purchasing an air pump, consider the number of objects and ornaments that need to be air pump inside the tank. If there are more objects and decors, you will need a stronger air pump, and if there are few accessories, a low or medium air pump will suffice.

The Weight of Decorations

You will also need to consider the resistance of the decorations and objects placed in the tank. If the objects are more massive or heavy, you will need a more powerful air pump to push air through them. Air stones have holes in them that allow the air to pass through which makes them an ideal accessory with air pumps resistance.

The Height of the Aquarium:

If you have a deep tank that exceeds 20 inches, you will need a reliable air pump specially designed for deep water. This is to ensure that the pump supplies enough oxygen under water and create smooth air circulation.

Different types of Air Pumps

With those in mind, it is safe to say that the stronger the pump, the louder the sound of the machine and the air pump. However, with technological improvements and careful pick, you will be able to pick the quietest aquarium air pump to reduce noise disturbance.

There are three different types of aquarium air pump you can choose:

Plug-in Air Pumps

plug-in pumps are the most common type of air pumps. They are efficient and last longer. They do not have an on/off button, and they can continuously pump air into the tank once it is connected to a power strip. They are easy to install and maintain. These type of air pumps can be used both in a small and large aquarium.

However, it stops running when there is no electricity so you will need a back-up air pump to keep the air circulating during power-cuts.

Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pumps

Battery-operated air pumps are most useful in small tanks. They are portable and can run without electricity, but they are the noisiest of the three different air pumps. All you have to do is change the battery once it weakens. They are most convenient for short term use because the battery does not usually last too long. They are used as back-ups by users who use a plug-in type of air pump.

Battery Backed Up Air Pumps

While the plug-in air pump runs on electricity and needs a battery-operated pump for emergencies, this type of unit is independent. It is reliable with or without power supply. They are the most expensive but convenient and efficient. You can run it continuously by plugging it into a power source and leave it continuously running even when there is no electricity because the battery will back it up.

To find out the quietest aquarium air pump, consider all this information and let
your creativity help you build a beautiful and serene aquarium.

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