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posted by julien in Welcome

Back to discus...


My name is Julien... I am getting back to discus after many years... had to downsize into a rental... looks like this forum is just getting started, hope to share my venture back into discus...

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daisy - 0 points - 6 months ago
Hi, Julien, I'm planning to breed a fish a fish what do you think is the best breed that fit in my house, I hope you could help me. but I hope it won't be too expensive.
Sheester - 0 points - 6 months ago
hi, what is the best breeding for a normal aquarium fish that will not cost much. Your response is highly appreciated.
jennyfermanuel - 0 points - 6 months ago
Hi Julien! Looking forward to share thoughts with you and with the other members of this forum.
khanhtran123 - 0 points - 6 months ago
Hi Julien!!! Nice to meet you. Let's help each other out here
zezar - 0 points - 5 months ago
Hi Julien! I just want to ask what kind of fish I can take care of. I'm in the Philippines and the climate is changing. I just want to ask what kind of fish I can take care of in this climate that is easy to live and easy to take care of.
wallet - 1 point - 4 months ago
What is the volume of your tank and how many discuses can you hold there?
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